Ferry Terminal

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Ferry Terminal
D'ni City location
The Ferry Terminal in its current state

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 154; Horizontal displacement (spans) 75; Vertical displacement (spans) -93

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"In 5202 a public ferry system was approved by Emen, offering much more frequent access between The Island, the city proper, and the surrounding smaller islands."

The Ferry Terminal is the main harbor for Ae'gura. Built in 5202 DE (2455–2454 BCE) under the rign of King Emen, it served as a port for boats going to other parts of the cavern up until D'ni fell. After the fall, A'gaeris sunk all the ships so that no one except him could access K'veer.

The terminal provides a fairly good view of the Arch of Kerath and is generally one of the first locations in the city that explorers visit. A Nexus Terminal can also be found at the ferry terminal beside the Great Stairs that lead from the terminal to the Tokotah Courtyard. A small cave near the Nexus terminal contains a Bahro Stone leading to a dock in Teledahn, though it mysteriously disappears from time-to-time.