Fehnir's House Book of Commentary

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Fehnir's House Book of Commentary

Written by

K. Lord


Fehnir House

Pages long


Appears in

Uru Live (Planned)

This is a journal kept by explorer K. Lord while he oversaw the restoration of Fehnir House. It can currently be found on the home's balcony.

Transcript of the Book[edit]

Fehnir House Book of Commentary
Author: K.Lord

Despite the fact that the inhabitants of Lehns left their village, we decided to go ahead and prep the Age for public release. As a result, I decided to take another look for more information regarding the Age and perhaps its owners.

We found the Lehns Book a long time before we found the location of the owner's house. The Book, left in the street during The Fall, was a good 5 minutes' walk from the house. How it got there, we still haven't discovered.
As a result, it took us a while to locate the house--it wasn't close to where we were expecting.

The house is a modest size for others in the district and is one of the least damaged in an area that was hit hard during The Fall. Structurally, it looks pretty sound; however, I am no expert. The surrounding buildings do not look as stable and will need to be checked. The last thing we need is for one of the neighboring houses to collapse on us.

Heading into the front door leads to the entrance hall, a nice sized area with various doorways that lead off to the dining room, entertainment room, and a passage that leads out to an enclosed courtyard.

The entrance hall is rather sparse, a few vases are dotted around, and upon the wall is a painting of an unidentifiable Guildsman, from the Guild of Archivists by the look of it. It is interesting to note the use of wood in the hallway. Curious, as most of the areas we've seen in D'ni uses[sic] stone (unsurprisingly).

The dining room is accessed through the doorway to the left, which seems to house around 12 people. I guess the inhabitants entertained guests a lot. Past the table is a smaller door in the corner that leads down to the kitchen, which is in a bit of a state. Seems it was being used at the time of The Fall and was left in a hurry.

The right of the hallway leads to a comfortable room, which appears to have been used for entertaining guests.

The third passage leads out under the stairs (to the second floor) to a small courtyard. Nice area surrounding a small fountain and chairs with some plants that have grown over their alloted[sic] areas.

The second floor is where most of the discoveries regarding the inhabitants were made. Most of the first floor contains the odd painting here and there, but the second floor is where the journals were discovered.

But, first things first, as I got to the top of the stairs there was a landing area that led off to several rooms. One was the master bedroom, another bedroom, and exits for the bathroom, laboratory, and a second stairwell that led up to the roof garden. The fourth doorway lead[sic] to the Book room. The Book room had doubled up as a study and a sort of museum to artifacts brought back from Lehns, which I recognized immediately.

On quickly reading the documentation on hand, I discovered that the house was owned by a member of the Guild of Archivists called Fehnir. He lived in the house with his wife, Laia, and his son, Fehnir'en[sic], and Fehnir'en's[sic] wife, Nalen.

The Book room is a goldmine of information regarding Lehns; however, it seems it wasn't untouched by The Fall. The wooden door had been smashed in and upon the sole Linking Book that sat in the room, I could see the tell-tale hand print that told me the Age had been seeded by Veovis and A'gaeris.

It would seem Lehns was the first of two Ages that belonged to the family. I'm a bit hazy on the D'ni viewpoint on private Ages that were inhabited. It could be that, given his standing as an Archivist, this was allowed. Lehns was Written for him by his brother who was a member of the Guild of Writers, and Fehnir took a huge liking to the Age. He spent many years building a relationship with the inhabitants, the Mahri, by trading with them for all manner of things and working with them to improve their way of living. His study contains a number of artifacts and crafts from the Age.

From looking at his display, it seems the Lehns Book belongs on the display case with some of the other artifacts he has. Whilst the Lehns Descriptive Book will now live in the Archive, I think it would be proper to have a Linking Book to Lehns placed back on the display case in the future.

Whilst the rest of the house was empty, it seems Fehnir did not make it to his family; his corpse lies on the floor next to his overturned chair (which is some feat given that the chair is stone). It appears his journal is on the floor next to him, hopefully once it is translated it will give a better indication of what happened to him.

I'm guessing his family took the Lehns Book and fled, ended up using it and let it drop, but died themselves. We found corpses of two people on Lehns, which means someone is missing.

The second Age they had was Ahry'ahn, which sat on a wooden pedestal next to the entrance to the Book room and also bore a palm print. I shall return with a Maintainers suit[sic] before I venture into that Age, I think, and perhaps bring a few of the others with me to check out the surrounding area.

As I am loathe to trek all the way up here again. I think I shall set up a Linking Book to the house to make it quicker for others to reach the location.


Steven has returned with me and is working on a translation of Fehnir's journal whilst I venture into Ahry'ahn. The other books on the shelves will be catalogued afterwards. The others are poking around the surrounding structures to see how safe they are.


The trip to Ahry'ahn was quick, but my suspicions were confirmed. The plague had made its way to the Age. I linked to a small enclosed area that lead[sic] out to an opening--a sort of well of rock. A path clinging to the rock led down to a house. Next to the house, I could see a shallow grave. Inside the house was the corpse of a female along with a Linking Book to Lehns.

I am assuming that the body in the grave may have been the body sent by Veovis and A'gaeris. The burial led to the others in that Age falling ill themselves. The question is: who is in Ahry'ahn and who are the ones found in Lehns?

Collecting the needed samples, I returned to get them tested.


Other teams have arrived to scout out the surrounding areas. All I can say is that they were lucky. Had we not demanded all Third Path members have Relto Books, who knows how many people could have been killed. Poking around in one of the neighbors' buildings was apparently not the best of ideas. The structure was incredibly flimsy and decided to collapse with four people inside. Fortunately, they managed to Link out in time, but parts of the building landed on Fehnir's house, causing more damage and blocking off the entrance. Area has been deemed unsafe for the next twenty-four hours until everything settles and we can return to check to damage.


We've returned to the area after it was deemed safe. My test samples from Ahry'ahn came back okay, so the Age has been tagged for future restoration. For now the Book remains in Fehnir's study.

Steve finished up the translation of Fehnir's journal. It was apparently only a partial journal, written at the point of his death. It's rather tragic reading. If only he know what had happened to the rest of his family. Perhaps, in this case, it is better not to know. Hardly going to be resting peacefully anyway, given how he died himself. Anyway, a translated copy can be found where the original was lying, for now. When clean-up commences, we shall move it somewhere else. I think he should be buried with the rest of his family at some point. As callous as it sounds, I'd like a team to do a quick study on his physiology for out records.

Sealed off the doorway today. The balcony received some damage during the issue yesterday. Nothing major, some cracks and fallen rock--the area is still stable. Sophie shall be turning her attention to the Cannen and seeing if she can get it working. Would be nice to see what Fehnir was listening to whilst he worked.


Steven and his team are camped out in the study. Looking over the various books found there, I have taken several of the Lehns journals back to Cass to work over.


Dammit! Somehow access to the location has been leaked. Whilst the location is stable and could easily be rushed to Phase 5, we wanted to make sure everything was chronicled and archived before that. We were not wanting to release for at least another month.

Was talking to Steven and Sophie when Kaelis and Whilyam Linked into the place looking rather sheepish. Given who it was, I'm wondering if they had found a Book lying around one of my places and used it.

Going to have to call a meeting with the others to decide what to do. Given access is out, we might as well release now. Shouldn't be an issue, Kadish Tolesa still has Kadish lying there in his vault. I doubt people would mind saying hello to Fehnir.

Glad it was fellow SR members rather than people I don't know, at least.


We have decided to release the location as-is, seeing access to it is already available if you know where to look. Hopefully we can get that done tomorrow.


The joys of an extended stay on the surface. Go up for one day to have stitches removed, stay for a week and a half as a family gathering for the fourth of July gets planned. As a result the release was delayed.

Thankfully release should happen today, given that I am now back.

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