Everdunes Journal

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Transcript of part of the Journal[edit]


The nature of this world thrives in spite of the harsh conditions I imposed upon it in my writing. High temperature and lack of surface water are not enough to disallow vegetation or even animal life. During my first visit I had assumed the arid land would support nothing, or at least only plants and animals similar to the arid lands at home. Upon arrival my assumption was confirmed: barren dunes of sand, or at least I thought so at first. Closer inspection revealed a subterranean plant structure just beneath the sandy surface. I discovered it by simply walking - I sank in at one point to my knees. The growth of the plants opened up small areas of oxygen beneath the surface where tiny animals and insects can be found. I am ever amazed at the diversity found in the undefined elements, those elements between the lines of my script, the very writings of the Maker that continue to dwarf my "creativity" at every stroke.