Esher's Speech in his Lab

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"You have unlocked my lab. Impressive. It is safe here, they are afraid. They will not come here. The snake binds them-prevents them from linking. I take no pleasure in what they have endured here, but I had to learn.

Did you know that you aid the creatures, the Bahro, as you move the Slates? Did Yeesha tell you that? Did you know that the full power of the Bahro is restrained by the Tablet? Did Yeesha tell you that? Did you know that they will not come near anything with the symbol of the snake? Did you know that the Tablet that Yeesha told you not to give her, controls them? Did she tell you that? I have learned. They are terrifying creatures if not controlled. Go to the top of my refuge...up there. Seal this refuge and you can climb." - Esher

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