Er'cana Silo

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Er'cana Silo
D'ni City location

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 1,913; Horizontal displacement (spans) 1,562; Vertical displacement (spans) -164

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The Er'cana Silo (sometimes called Er'cana City Silo) is a structure built in the Ashem'en District on the walls of the D'ni cavern with a small enclosed section of the lake. It can only be accessed from Er'cana where pellets to feed the algae in the lake are made and tested here before being used on the lake itself.

The main part of the building itself is built over part of the lake with the link-in spot being on the lower of two levels. Also on that level is a machine that rates the quality of the pellet and a pedestal for a linking book back to Er'cana. The machine is placed right next to the link-in spot, so that when one links here with a pellet in his left hand, it lands exactly inside the machine, ready to be tested.