Eder Tomahn

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Eder Tomahn
eDer toman
An Eder Tomahn found in the Great Shaft




Serving as a way station or resting place during the long journey between D'ni and the Surface

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Dr. Watson's Journal

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An Eder Tomahn (D'nieDer toman, literally meaning "rest house") is a small room designed as a place for resting during the journey between the Surface and D'ni, four of which can be found throughout the Great Shaft. The Eder Tomahntee were usually equipped with a few beds, an imager, a KI Dispenser, and a Nexus Terminal with a linking book to Direbo, a Garden Age.

Explorers can currently visit only one of the Eder Tomahntee by way of a Bahro Stone found at the end of Tokotah Alley. The Direbo linking book has been removed and the KI dispenser allows KI's to glow for a few seconds after they have been inserted.