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Douglas Sharper


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1960 CE (age 58–59)

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Douglas Sharper was a restoration engineer who worked for the D'ni Restoration Council during the First Restoration. He was in charge of restoring Teledahn, The Watcher's Pub, and Ahnonay.


First Restoration[edit]


"Oh, what a mess!"

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Sharper was born in Modesto, California. He had a major role in the restoration effort, including being given control of Teledahn. He was also given the Watcher's Pub to restore and assisted with Ahnonay. However, he kept a number of secrets from the DRC, including the Baron's Office, the Spy Room, and documentation of the criminal side of Teledahn. He subsequently lost access to the Watcher's Pub, after having led a popular movement to force open the Kahlo Pub previously been closed off to explorers, following an ongoing argument of his that the DRC's policies are too restrictive. He mentored Brian Fioca and other members of The Great Tree as allies in his movement.

Sharper has completed Yeesha's Journey, guided by Phil Henderson, and used its message and Phil's mysticism to argue against the DRC. He took Phil's Relto book, possibly because its bookshelf held many more Ages then those of other explorers. Thus, when Phil apparently "died" in the collapse of a wall, Sharper felt responsible, believing that Phil could have survived by linking to Relto. Shortly afterwards the DRC lost funding and could no longer attempt to restore the cavern. Douglas Sharper was the last to leave.

Second Restoration[edit]

On , Sharper returned to the cavern. Cate Alexander publicly expressed that she was happy that Sharper was a part of the restoration effort again.

He investigated the deaths of animals on the Pod Age, specifically in Negilahn. Animals were being killed by the Bahro. He first explored the area with Nick White and Rils. They located an Urwin that had been slaughtered, claw marks on several of the trees, but no tracks leading away from the corpse.

He and Nick White went on another expedition in Negilahn, this time setting up a blind to watch for predators. Nick White left early because of news of a cave-in which trapped Wheely Engberg, leaving Douglas behind. He sent a message to Nick saying that something had taken the Urwin he was watching and he was going to pursue it.

Douglas followed a Bahro, and was led into a field where there were several of the creatures waiting for him. Sharper realized too late that he was being led into a trap. He was attacked by the Bahro, only to be saved by other Bahro. He fled, leaving behind what he called a 'war'.

After discovering Bahro were responsible for the deaths in Pod Age and for Wheely, he spent a month on Noloben, a home Age of the Bahro, observing the creatures. He stated publicly that he intended to kill a Bahro in retribution.

A month later, Douglas returned, shaken and saying that he killed a Bahro. According to him, he attempted to kill one of the Bah'ro Nekisahl, but another Bahro jumped in the way. Later, while he was speaking to explorers in the Watcher's Sanctuary, two Bahro linked in next to him with the corpse of a Bahro. They seemed to mourn the Bahro in front of Douglas and linked out.

In the following months, Douglas became more morose, repeatedly telling explorers that the war was coming to the Cavern and he felt there wasn't much that explorers could do about it. He decided to go back to Noloben to help the good Bahro fight.

He finally returned to the Cavern after the DRC had left to find funding. He decided to return to the surface as well.