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Dock and Ship

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Dock and Ship
The dock and ship in 1806


Myst Island

Main purpose

Link-in point, Stoneship's Place of Protection

Appearances in

The Myst Island Dock was the original link-in point for Myst Island and was one of the first things constructed. The dock houses a Marker Switch and the entrance to the Fore-chamber. Docked there is a sunken boat which acted as the place of protection for the Stoneship linking book, located in the cabin at the stern of the ship. The ship could be raised with the correct combination in the Pillar Garden.

By 2005, with the island remaining uninhabited for over 200 years, the dock had fallen into decay. The ship had turned over and the mast capsized onto the dock. The marker switch and fore-chamber door had also ceased to function.


The Marker switch was also secretly the Myst Island vault into which Sirrus and Achenar put the page they removed from Atrus's Myst Linking Book. To open the vault, one would switch all the marker switches on Myst Island on and then switch the one on the dock off. The vault would then stay open until the position of one of the marker switches was altered.


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Myst Island
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Ti'ana · Atrus · Catherine · Sirrus · Achenar

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