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Descriptive Book
Atrus holding Riven's descriptive book


Creating a link to an Age

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Ronay civilization

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A Descriptive Book (D'niKorman, kormahn, literally meaning "existence book") is a special book used by the D'ni to create links to other Ages.

The book is filled with symbols of a special language known as the garo-hevtee, describing the Age the author intends to visit. The description can be very simple or quite complex. A descriptive book's Linking Panel remains black until someone links through for the first time, and will return to blackness if the Age is destroyed (as in the case of Riven) or the book is rendered non-functional. Descriptive books are quite bulky, making them less portable than the smaller Linking Books. Note that it is not necessary for an Age to have a descriptive book in order for linking books to function (for example, Garternay had no known descriptive book, yet the Ronay were able to write linking books back to their homeworld).

While a descriptive book does not create the Age it links to, making changes to the text can change certain properties of the Age or be used to insert objects into an Age (ex. the ship in Stoneship, the Moiety Daggers in Riven). However, such changes can have unforseen side effects, and making deletions to the book may shift the link to another Age altogether (both were observed in the case of Gehn's Age 37); as a result of this unpredictability, the practice was banned by the D'ni Guild of Writers.