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Angular displacement (torantee) Horizontal linear displacement (spans) Vertical linear displacement (spans)

The linear and angular displacement measurement units (length and angle units) used by the D'ni differ from those used by humans. The D'ni had a single known distance unit, the span (D'niSafE, shahfee), and a single known angular unit, the toran. These units are used by the KI to relay to its user its location relative to the Great Zero, giving the clockwise angular displacement from the line of the Great Zero in torantee, and the horizontal and vertical linear displacements from the Great Zero in spans.

Linear displacement[edit]

The D'ni measured length in a unit known as the span (D'niSafE, shahfee), one of which was equivalent to approximately 13 feet.

The distance units used in Minkata, however, both on the flags in the Age and in the Minkata Notebook, appear to be equivalent to one twenty-fifth of a span.

Angular displacement[edit]

Angles were measured by the D'ni using a unit known as the toran (pl. torans or torantee), and were generally measured clockwise from 'north' (ie. the line of the Age's zero). There are 62,500 torantee in a full circle (4000, [4|0|0|0]), and 15,625 torantee in a quarter circle (1000, [1|0|0|0]). This makes one toran equivalent to exactly 0.00576 degrees, 0.0064 gradians, or π/31250 radians.

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