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Crystal Viewer
Atrus's second Crystal Viewer, in Tomahna


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The Crystal Viewer is a device that Atrus designed, capable of showing a view of another Age by manipulating a blank Linking Book and magnifying its Linking Panel.

Atrus originally thought of the concept when he wanted to make sure Gehn had not escaped his prison on Riven. Atrus feared going there in person because he would have to take a Linking Book back with him, which Gehn could have used to escape.

The crystals were originally found on the desert Age Everdunes.

In Rime[edit]

The Crystal Viewer in Rime

He originally wrote Rime for the purpose of housing the crystal viewer due to its cold climate, which was vital to the nature of the crystals.

In Tomahna[edit]

A sketch of the new viewer in Atrus's Journal

On Leenovoo 27, 9472 DE (April 17–19, 1817 CE), Atrus began to build a second crystal viewer in Tomahna with the help of Guild Master Andritus of the Guild of Mechanists, so he wouldn't have to go to Rime every time he wanted to use the viewer. Construction of the new viewer was completed on Leevofo 29, 9473 DE (November 25–26, 1817 CE). Whilst designing the second viewer, he also made some improvements, including the addition an extension to hear sound from the Age being viewed.