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Crystal Bomb

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Crystal Bomb
A crystal bomb in the Bomb Factory on Spire


Destroying Nara and other materials

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Myst IV: Revelation

A Crystal Bomb is an extraordinarily powerful device created by Sirrus during his imprisonment in Spire. Crafted out of crystals found throughout Spire, they were key to Sirrus' escape from the prison Age, due to their unique ability to destroy Nara.

After charging them in his bomb factory, he would coat them in a substance which he had extracted from the vegetables in Spire's main cavern, which would prevent the bombs from exploding before their needed time.

Sirrus used at least four crystal bombs during his escape from Spire in 9480 DE (1824 CE); one on each of the Linking Chambers in Haven, Spire, and Tomahna, and another to destroy the Harvester on Serenia.