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The cleft in its current state


Eddy County, New Mexico


  • Ti'ana (1745 CE - 1770 CE)
  • Gehn (1745 CE - 1749 CE)
  • Atrus (1755 CE - 1770 CE)

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The Cleft is a large fissure in the ground on Earth. Located by the dormant volcano that leads into the Great Shaft in Eddy County, New Mexico, it was the home of Ti'ana and Atrus during his childhood. Nowadays, the land surrounding the cleft belongs to Jeff Zandi.


The cleft was originally used by Anna and her father who used it as a rest area during the travels from the Lodge and Tadjinar.

After D'ni's fall, Anna returned to the Cleft with her ten year old son, Gehn, to start a new life there.

Gehn ran away when he was fourteen and didn't return until five years later with his pregnant wife Keta, who died moments after giving birth to Atrus. Gehn left the child with Anna who cared for the boy until he was fourteen and Gehn returned for him. Anna secretly followed them and the cleft was once again left abandoned.

In 9481 DE, Atrus stopped by the cleft for some tools, after a blowout with his crystal viewer in Tomahna.

During her solitude, Yeesha lived at the cleft for a while, before continuing on to D'ni.

Elias Zandi acquired the land in the late 1900s and when he died of a heart attack, he left the land to his son Jeff.

It currently serves as a starting and end point for explorers embarking on Yeesha's Journey.

The Star Fissure and the Cleft[edit]

The areas surrounding the Cleft also serve as the exit of the Star Fissure as indicated by the Telescope and Wahrk remains found nearby.

When an Explorer finishes Yeesha's Journey and returns all the Bahro Pillars, a Star Fissure opens on their Relto. When the explorer jumps inside, they are taken to the cleft near the Riven remnants.

Cleft Interior[edit]

Several small rooms were carved out of the walls of the cleft as living space. Entrance to the cleft was achieved by a rope ladder. At the bottom of the ladder is a small landing where there were two bridges; one leading to the kitchen and the other to the lab.

At one end of the cleft is a tree at the bottom of which contains a door that will only open to explorers who have touched all seven Journey Cloths in the surrounding area. In side is a small room similar to a Bahro Cave.



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