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Channelwood in 9462 DE (1806 CE)


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Myst Island

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Myst Island

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Channelwood Journal

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"Water covers this age as far as I can see except for a small rocky island. Elsewhere, there are only trees, which grow directly out of the water."

Channelwood is an Age written by Atrus while he lived on Myst Island. It is mostly covered with water except for a small island where a windmill that powers the elevators is located. A wooden village is built high in the trees. On a third floor, there are rooms for Sirrus and Achenar, along with a temple. The Age is no longer inhabited due to the plundering and raiding of Sirrus and Achenar.


Long before Atrus wrote a link there, a group of humans and tree-dwellers lived together in Channelwood, which was then a vast island. They interacted very little; the humans dwelt on the ground and the tree-dwellers lived high above the humans.

Occasionally the island was disturbed by mysterious rumblings which happened randomly.

The sometimes slight, sometimes heavy, tremors would only last a short time. Then they would stop, allowing everything to return to normal.

One day things changed. The rumbling began and grew quickly to unprecedented levels. Soon it became apparent that the entire island was sinking slowly into the ocean around them. Many of the humans died that day, but not before sacrificing themselves in order to stop the sinking of the island. The humans who lived through this catastrophe moved into the trees where they gradually died out, possibly because they were unequipped for such an environment.

Many years later, Atrus wrote a link to Channelwood and was met by the tree dwellers who thought of him as a god. By then, there was only one human alive, an old man. He and Atrus each knew a language (whether it be D'ni, English or some other is unknown) and the old man helped translate between Atrus and the Tree Dwellers. The old man died a few days later when he fell into the water.

Later, Atrus brought Sirrus and Achenar who enjoyed the tree-dwellers considering them gods. Later, when Atrus wrote Selenitic, Sirrus and Achenar asked to stay to which Atrus agreed. Atrus allowed the two to stay in Channelwood, numerous times after.

By the time Sirrus and Achenar were imprisoned in Haven and Spire, and the Stranger visited Channelwood, all the Tree-dwellers were gone.




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