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Catherine's Speech in the Elevator

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This speech is spoken by Katran after the Stranger frees her from her prison on Prison Island.


"We have to move quickly. Gehn's people may already know what's happening. Once we're back with the Moiety, we'll have time to regroup.

Can I see the book?

You did it! We're all free! You captured Gehn!

But there's still his followers. I'm not sure what they'll do once they realize he's gone.

I'll have to get the villagers to safety as soon as possible. You go back to the Temple Island and reopen the fissure. I know it's risky, but it's the only way to signal Atrus. I'll try to make it back there as soon as I can, but don't wait for me.

Don't forget: the porthole combination's in my journal. Good luck."