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Katran, mistakenly called Catherine by Atrus, was a skilled Rivenese writer of Ages, and was the wife of Atrus and the mother of Sirrus, Achenar, and Yeesha. She frequently wrote Ages that would normally be considered impossible, and is believed to be the "dreamer" mentioned in Words.


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Early Life on Riven[edit]

Born and raised on Riven, Katran was one of the few selected by Gehn for his Writer's Guild. He even trusted her enough to allow her to visit K'veer, where he stayed when not on Riven. She was good friends with Eti and Eavan, though she never felt that she fit with the other Rivenese. The first Age that she wrote, the "Torus Age", included several symbols that she made up and seemed impossible. During one of Gehn's teachings, Katran convinced Eavan to question something Gehn had said. This enraged Gehn and Eavan was fed to the Wahrks, making Katran feel responsible.

In 1774 CE, during one of her visits to K'veer, Katran met Ti'ana who told her of her grandson Atrus and convinced Katran to help her overthrow Gehn and help Atrus. Not too long after, Katran and a group of Rivenese found Atrus half-drowned in the floating pool on Riven. She, along with her cousins Erlar and Carel brought him back to the village and cared for him. When Atrus was introduced to Katran, he mispronounced it Catherine and the name stuck. Around this time, Gehn announced that he was to be marry her in thirty days. She fled to Atrus and asked him to help repair Riven. While Atrus worked on making the repairs, Katran presented him with the Age of Myst and claimed it was her own, it in fact had been co-written by Ti'ana. It served as their base of operation as Katran began to remove Gehn's books from Riven. When Atrus was captured by Gehn, Katran and Anna made short term drastic changes in the Riven descriptive book opening the Star Fissure and allowing the two to escape to Myst without leaving a linking book behind, leaving Gehn trapped on Riven once and for all.

Myst Island[edit]

On Leevosahn 13, 9431 DE (January 17–18, 1776 CE) Katran married Atrus, and later that year, their first son Achenar was born. Sirrus was born two years later. The next few years would be what she would describe later as an idyllic time. That ended in 1786 CE when, while visiting one of Katran's Ages, Ti'ana died. Blaming herself, Katran gave up writing Ages and mostly stayed on Myst. She did however, help Atrus find the combination to see Riven through the Crystal Viewer in Rime.

Return to Riven[edit]

On Leevotar 29, 9461 DE (March 15–16, 1806 CE), Katran was tricked into returning to Riven by Sirrus and Achenar. Her return brought about a significant chain of events that ultimately led to saving the Rivenese from complete destruction. Upon returning she was immediately captured by Cho, one of Gehn's henchmen, though he was soon overwhelmed by a number of Moiety, who found him easy to take down due to his surprise after witnessing Katran linking to Riven. Soon she brought Tay into existence and was worshipped by the Moiety as a deity, though she found them reluctant to interact with her on a more personal level. Katran joined the Moiety in several raids to frighten the villagers and ultimately to diminish Gehn's hold over them. In the end she was once more captured by the servants of Gehn and held in a prison that was only accessible from Gehn's office in the 233rd Age. This forced the Moiety to abandon their raids and retreat to their haven.

D'ni Restoration[edit]

Catherine was a key figure in the rebuilding of D'ni and was part of the group that visited Terahnee. After Atrus became convinced that writing a new age was a better way to go then the rebuilding of the cavern, Catherine helped him find inspiration by showing him the book to J'nanin.

Tomahna and Later Years[edit]

A portrait of Catherine and Yeesha kept by Atrus

By 9480 DE (1824–1825 CE), Katran and Atrus had begun arguing over whether or not to release their sons. While Atrus enlisted the help of the Stranger, around Leevobro 3, 9480 DE (November 28–30, 1824 CE), Katran decided to visit Tay for a few days to clear her head. She returned to find that Sirrus had escaped his prison, kidnapped Yeesha, and attempted to switch bodies with her using Serenia's Memory Chamber, though had been thwarted by the Stranger and Achenar. With both of her sons dead and her daughter in shock, she returned to Tay with Yeesha for her to recover from the event.

Years later, Yeesha, at the age of 16, left Tomahna to find her destiny, leaving Katran and Atrus. Katran died sometime before 2005 CE, though the cause remains unknown.