Calam's murderer

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Calam's murderer
A Bahroglyph depiction of Calam's murderer (from BC14)



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"But evil will find you, even in the depths of the earth, and Calam was murdered."
"Power is a gift. Power is a curse.
I learned of the fearsome power I wield on that day - the day of Calam's death. In a fit of rage I destroyed the murderer, and I destroyed my innocence."

Calam's murderer, also nicknamed "The Enemy" and "Evil Book" by explorers, was an unknown individual who murdered Calam before being "destroyed" by Yeesha. Very little is known about them, and most information about them comes from the Pellet Bahro Cave Bahroglyph sequence, as well as from Yeesha's mentions of the murderer in her ninth and tenth journals.

From their Bahroglyph depictions, Calam's murderer seems to have been wearing some kind of full-body red and black/gray suit (including headgear), such as a Maintainer Suit.


Nothing is known about the origins of Calam's murderer. At some point, while Yeesha was under the tutelage of Calam in the ruins of D'ni, the two met Calam's murderer. Following this meeting, Calam's murderer attacked Yeesha (though it is not known how), causing Calam to step in to defend Yeesha, fighting with Calam's murderer (though again, it is not known how) and eventually losing, with Calam's murderer killing Calam. Yeesha, enraged, fought with Calam's murderer, seemingly using two superficially-identical Ages to trick Calam's murderer into linking into an Age from which they had no escape. It is unclear exactly what the nature of their fate was – Yeesha states that she "destroyed" the murderer, whereas Bahroglyph BC16 shows the murderer merely being imprisoned in the Age.


Though the identity of Calam's murderer remains a mystery, there are a few widespread theories.


An image is needed here. You can help by uploading one! Specifically: The Kepik sketch from Yeesha's ninth adult journal

On the last page of Yeesha's Ninth Adult Journal, immediately after her revelation of Calam's murder, the D'ni name "Kepik" (D'niKepiK) is messily scrawled down. This may suggest that this is the name of Calam's murderer, as there does not seem to be anyone else that it could belong to, given its placement. Nothing more is known about this name, and it is not mentioned anywhere else in any known text.


A particularly widespread theory among explorers, propagated in large part by Brett Middleton of the Bahroglyph Study Group, purports that Calam's murderer was in fact the version of Kadish from the Kadish Tolesa Alternate Vault, saved by Yeesha as suggested in her torn notes in the alternate vault. Middleton claims that other things supporting this theory include Yeesha's feeling of responsibility for Calam's death, Yeesha's statement that it was only death that conquered her pride (and her apparent pridefulness when "saving" Kadish), Yeesha's loss of innocence (and apparent naivety in trying to save Kadish), and the fact that the notes in the vault are in torn fragments, amongst a few other pieces of evidence. On the other hand, if Calam's murderer was Kadish, then the presence of the name "Kepik" in Yeesha's journal is unexplained.


Pellet Cave Bahroglyph sequence[edit]