Book Assembly Island

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Book Assembly Island
Book Assembly Island in 9462 DE (1807 CE)




Used by Gehn to create Linking Books

Appears in

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Book Assembly Island (also known as Crater Island or Boiler Island) is one of five islands that made up the Age of Riven prior to its destruction. Due to the geography of the island, it can be assumed that a meteor once hit the island here. Inside the crater is a small lake filled with Rivenese water. This island was restricted to Gehn and his close followers, and was mainly used by Gehn to create his linking books and to serve as his headquarters on Riven. It is connected to three of the other four islands; Temple Island (by bridge), Jungle Island (by mine cart), and Survey Island (by Mag-Lev). The island also had a small cave system where Ytrams lived.

Gehn's Lab[edit]

One of the most noticeable landmarks on the island was the lab Gehn worked in while trying to write a stable linking book. The room has five walls with a boiler in the middle of the room with a burned linking book found inside. Two of the walls have doors, one leading to the Survey Island Mag-Lev and the other leading to the path to the bridge to Temple Island. The others have desks in which Gehn studied several Rivenese things.


  • Book Assembly Island is the only location in Riven reachable by all four means of transportation in the game: mag-lev, mine cart, bridge and linking book.