Bahro Stone

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Bahro Stone
A Bahro Stone linking to the Spy Room


Linking to Ages and locations, particularly instances

Created by

The Bahro

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A Bahro Stone is a special piece of Bahro technology that acts similarly to a Linking Book. They take the appearance of small stone tablets, with a type of cloth on one side that bears a Linking Panel. Various Bahro Stones have been found scattered throughout the Ages and D'ni locations that have been restored by the D'ni Restoration Council, typically linking to either instances or areas that have not been released by the DRC.

Bahro Stones break several rules of linking, such as linking from one part of an Age to another (though some of those cases may actually be linking between instances). Bahro Stones seem to be more reliable than regular Linking Books, as they can link reliably to an exact room in the Gahreesen fortress, despite its rotation.

The DRC were against the use of the stones and advised explorers not to use them. Though they tried to remove several of them, they were later returned to their original location. Douglas Sharper had the same problem with a Bahro Stone he found in Teledahn, leading to the Spy Room, though eventually managed to prevent the Bahro from moving it by placing it in the slave caves, where they would not go.