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This article is about the species formerly enslaved by the D'ni. For the slaves of the Terahnee, see Relyimah (Terahnee).
A Bahro in K'veer in 2005 CE

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The Bahro, or Bah'ro (D'niba'ro, meaning 'beast-people'), often referred to as "the Least" (D'nireziTaTtE, rezithahthtee) and sometimes referred to by explorers as the Vakhro (from D'nivakro, Vahkhro, meaning 'link-people'), are a mysterious intelligent non-human species that have incredible power, including the ability to link at will. Although it is unclear when or how exactly it began, they were enslaved by the D'ni using the power of the Tablet for almost 10,000 years, until Dr. Watson gave the Tablet to the Bahro in 2005 CE, freeing them. One of their home Ages is Noloben, where Esher fled during the Fall of D'ni.

The Bahro are currently engaged in a civil war, having split into two main factions after being freed by Dr. Watson, with one faction siding with the explorers of D'ni and the new D'ni civilization in Releeshahn, defending them against the other faction, the Bah'ro Nekisahl, led by Nekisahloth, which seeks to destroy D'ni and those attempting to restore it.

The main goal of Yeesha's Journey is to transfer Bahro Pillars to D'ni, thus bringing the Bahro back.

Due to a certain snake's ability to prevent them from linking, Bahro are terrified of them.

A Bahro showing its wings

Known abilities[edit]

Bahro have the ability to:

Known individuals[edit]