Atrus, Yeesha, and Esher's Speech (Myst V Good Ending)

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"I am ... set free!

The slavery of ten thousand years is over, and the burden of my family is lifted from my weary heart. Praise the Maker! He brought you for this impossible task. You have done well, and many will rejoice. You have chosen the Least ... the Least as Greatest. You have freed us all ... yourself of pride, me of the burden, and the good Bahro of their enslavement. You are worthy of the new D'ni.

Oh, my father!" - Yeesha

"My desert bird. - Atrus

"It's over. I didn't know if ... I faltered ... I ... I ... I was not always strong. I am so sorry." - Yeesha

"No..." - Atrus

"But what was asked of me, I have done. And now the tree grows again. Just to be your daughter again ... Hold me ..." - Yeesha

"My precious one. I am so sorry for this burden. This crushing weight ... I cannot bear to think of it. But you carried it. I wish your mother could be ... You have truly become the Grower. You bring D'ni back to life. Another circle closes; another new tree grows again.

Thank you, my old friend. Welcome to Releeshahn. This new D'ni. It's been a long, long journey ... difficult journey. And I am old and weak. But I've lived long enough to see this day. To see my ... my desert bird, my precious Yeesha return as the Grower, filled with the wisdom of the Maker. Truly our long burden has been lifted. Now, my days can end. Here, in peace." - Atrus

"This is not accept ... Where are you taking me? Release me! I order you! I demand it!" - Esher

"Oh. Yes. There is this to deal with." - Yeesha

"Let me go, you ... you evil demon! You cannot hold me. I am Esher! I am the Grower! Where is this ...

You ... IDIOT! Moronic lump of filth! You are nothing! Puh!

AHHHHHH! I needed the power! I needed it! D'ni needed ME! You threw it away to this witch and her legion of scum, the demon slaves! You have released the slaves as masters! You've turned the small to great! Curse the Maker ... - Esher


You are no longer subject to the Great. You have become Great yourselves. Do with him as you should to the Least, for I am no longer worthy to give counsel to you." - Yeesha

"No, nooo ... No, nooooo ... NOOOOOOOO!" - Esher

"I am not given ... easily to those not close to me. But you have chosen well, my friend, and have allayed my fears.

Many have been freed. The Least will be greatest again, as it was before we began.

The old is gone, and the new begun to grow. This is the new D'ni, restored and free. Over none, under only the Maker. The restoration of D'ni is not a restoration of the outside, of structures and stone, but of the inside, of hearts and truth. For kingdoms are only as strong as the hearts of their people.

Your heart is right. Welcome to this kingdom. Welcome to this new D'ni." - Yeesha