Atrus's Viewer Instructions

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"Oh, what a mess!"

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"Hello, my friend! I see you made it in one piece, so Yeesha's driving wasn't too erratic, I hope.

Well, you're probably wondering why I asked you here. The truth is I, I need your help.

As you know, my sons, Sirrus and Achenar, were trapped twenty years ago after they destroyed many of the ages I'd written. At the time, Catherine and I decided to leave them imprisoned, 'cause we'd hoped it might reform them. And, uh, now Catherine believes our sons should be released, but I need an objective opinion. I must find out if either Sirrus or Achenar deserve to be freed, and you're the only one we can trust.

You remember my old crystal viewer. I've made some changes to it, and I, I haven't yet calibrated its sound component. Um, it'll actually be quicker if we do this together, and I can show you the two prison ages before we link to them. So if you step to the panel behind you, we can begin." - Atrus

Concerning Haven[edit]

"Okay. I'm going to transmit a waveform that's being generated by the first prison age. It will appear as a yellow line in your right-hand monitor. Here it comes.

In order to hear Haven, we must manipulate the blue line until it exactly matches that waveform. The blue line is the result of two combined signals, which we'll manipulate separately using the three dials: amplitude, frequency, and phase. But first, we have to select a signal to manipulate, so move the slider to the left or right." - Atrus

Haven Complete[edit]

"Got it! Now hang on a second and I'll lock in the adjustments and send you the coordinates for Spire, the second prison age. Here it comes." - Atrus