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Atrus's Green Book Speech

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Bluebook1.jpg This article contains information that is not entirely canon to the Myst storyline.


"Who the devil are you? Don't come here to D'ni! Not yet! Um, oh, I have many questions for you, my friend, as you no doubt have for me. Where should I begin?

Oh.... perhaps my story is in order. My name is Atrus, and I fear you've met my sons, Sirrus and Achenar, in the red and blue books on Myst Island, in my library, my library. Oh... it contains my works, my writings. Oh, I wrote many books, many books that linked me to fantastic places. It's an art I learned from my father many years ago.

Oh, but the red and blue books, those were different. I wrote those books to trap over-greedy explorers that might stumble upon my island of Myst. But I had no idea my own sons would be entrapped. My sons. Sirrus and Achenar. We had many journeys together. I gave them free reign to the books. Perhaps it was not wise. I could see the greed growing in them. I had not told them about the red and blue books. Their imaginations went wild, they dreamed of riches and power. Of course, they did not know the books were traps. They begged me for access to those books, and I, of course, denied them.

Oh... they devised a plan, an evil plan. I had no idea to what extent their greed had.... had progressed. Their own mother, they used their own mother - oh my dear Catherine - to lure me here to D'ni. Of course, I.... I could return to Myst except that they removed a single page from my Myst linking book. I cannot return without that page. You my friend can bring that page to me. Oh, I pray you believe my story about the lies that my sons have told you. If you could find it in yourself to return that page to me here in D'ni, I could go to Myst and bring justice to my sons for what they have done.

I must return to my writing. I pray that you believe me. Please hurry. Bring the page. Bring the page with you."

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