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Atrus in Releeshahn in 2005 CE




Leefo 9411 DE (age 263)
The Cleft, Earth

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¼ D'ni, ¾ Human



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Rand Miller


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Atrus (D'niAtrus, Eytrus) is the son of Gehn and Keta, the husband of Katran, and the father of Sirrus, Achenar, and Yeesha. He was named after his grandfather, Aitrus.


Early life[edit]

Atrus was born at the Cleft in Leefo 9411 DE (April–May 1755 CE). Keta, his mother, died at childbirth and she was buried nearby. Gehn, his father, left the boy with his grandmother Anna, not even bothering to name him.

Anna named the boy after his grandfather Aitrus and cared for him, teaching him both Earth and D'ni history. For one of his birthdays, Anna bought him a cat from the traders passing by, whom he named Flame. Sadly, Flame died a few years later after eating some toxic plants. Atrus was deeply saddened, but kept most of his pain inside.

When Atrus was fourteen years old, Gehn returned to retrieve Atrus to take him to D'ni, promising Anna that he would return him in three months. After a few days hike down the Great Shaft and the tunnel between the surface and D'ni, they reached the city, where they were welcomed by Gehn's servant Rijus. Gehn then began to teach Atrus the Art. Atrus was restricted to K'veer and only visited the city occasionally to retrieve Kortee'nea from the libraries for his father.

After the three months had passed, however, Gehn broke his promise and refused to return Atrus to the Cleft. In an argument, Gehn revealed that Anna was in fact Ti'ana, the destroyer of D'ni.

Age 37[edit]

A few years later, Gehn brought to Atrus to his 37th Age, where he ruled as a god to the inhabitants of the Age. Atrus befriended several of the natives, but soon found the Age to be unstable. While out on a fishing trip with Tarkuk, one of the natives of the Age, he discovered the phenomenon that the natives called "the Whiteness." They greatly feared it and before Gehn came, it was their god. When Gehn found out about it, he altered the Age 37 Descriptive Book to make the ocean warmer, and thus the phenomenon disappeared.

During this time, Atrus wrote his first Age which he named Inception. He modeled it after the cleft in the hopes it would awaken some memory from Gehn, though when he first linked there, he forgot to bring a linking book back. This soured the moment and Gehn criticized the Age, deeming it unworthy of a name or number. Nevertheless, Gehn held a Korfah V'ja on Age 37 to honor his son's first Age. However, during the ceremony, the water around the island began to dry up due to Gehn's alterations of the descriptive book. Gehn declared the Age a failure and he and Atrus returned to D'ni.

Back on K'veer, Atrus pleaded with Gehn to help save Age 37. Although he at first ignored Atrus's pleas, he finally did make many deletions from the Age's descriptive book. However, when Atrus linked to the Age, he discovered that although it looked the same, it was actually a new Age entirely and the inhabitants of the original Age 37 were forever sealed to their doom.

Atrus then returned to K'veer and began a heated argument with Gehn. During the argument, Gehn began to delete words from the Inception descriptive book, claiming that they were unnecessary. Gehn threw the Age 37 descriptive book into the fire after Atrus claimed that he was no master of the Art.

One night later, Atrus made up his mind that Gehn was indeed insane. While Gehn slept, Atrus stole the book of maps that his grandfather had drawn and attempted to flee to the surface and return to the Cleft. However, Gehn and Rijus soon caught up to him and he was taken back to K'veer. He was locked in a room in the basement and the only exit was the Age 5 descriptive book. Knowing that it was bound to be a trap, he tried to break out of the room instead using a stone-cutting machine that he had found nearby. However all this did was create a cave-in.


Atrus as he jumps into the Star Fissure
After a while, Atrus used the book and linked to Age 5. Upon arriving there, he found the floating pool and almost drowned, though he was rescued by a group of Rivenese. One of them was Katran who Atrus kept mispronouncing "Catherine." She later showed Atrus her Age, Torus and the two fell in love. However, Gehn then announced that he had chosen to marry her and she pleaded with Atrus to help. He agreed and began to fix the flaws in Riven's Descriptive Book. Around this time, Catherine showed him an Age she claimed to have written, Myst.

Deciding that the best solution would be to trap Gehn on Riven, they began removing all his linking books and Kortee'nea from Riven and took them to Myst. When Atrus destroyed the last linking book, he was once again captured by Gehn. He was however set free by the apparent collapse of the Age and Catherine revealed that she had been helped by Anna and that everything was going according to plan. A mysterious rift known as the Star Fissure opened and Gehn confronted Atrus near it begging him to not leave him trapped. Atrus denied him it and jumped into the fissure as he used his Myst book, allowing it to fall through the stars and leaving Gehn trapped on Riven.

On Myst Island[edit]

Atrus and his family in the early years on Myst.
For the next thirty years, Atrus and Katran lived on Myst with Ti'ana, as they both wrote Ages. On Leevosahn 13, 9431 DE (January 17–18, 1776 CE), Atrus married Katran and later that year their first son Achenar was born. Two years later, Sirrus was born. Atrus would often help the inhabitants of the Ages he had written links to including trying to build a ship to expand the civilization in Stoneship and creating a cure for a disease that had developed on The Tide.

While he wrote the Ages, the dream that his father had of restoring D'ni was always in the back of his mind. Unfortunately the only book he had leading to D'ni was the green book that went to K'veer and he dared not use it in case Gehn had somehow escaped his imprisonment on Riven and had managed to return to D'ni as if he managed to get ahold of a Myst book, he would have had access to all of Atrus's Ages. Still, with his fears of his father's escape growing, he began work on a Crystal Viewer, a device that could look into an Age similar to a Linking Panel. He wrote the Age Rime to house the viewer and manged to look into Riven.

At one time, he wrote the prison Ages Haven and Spire to protect his library from greedy explorers that may want to plunder his Ages. He placed them on display and warned his sons of the dangers of the books.

In their tenth year of living on Myst Island, Anna met her death unexpectedly while visiting an Age written by Katran. Atrus buried himself in his work to deal with his great loss and spent very little time with Sirrus and Achenar. He hardly ever took them when he visited his Ages, though his view on the matter changed when they helped him construct the fortress in Mechanical to defend the inhabitants against the Black Ship Pirates.

One of the recordings left in the J'nanin Observatory
By 1795 CE, Atrus finally agreed to teach his sons the Art. He wrote five Lesson Ages to help with their learning process. One of the Ages, Narayan was an inhabited Age where Atrus befriended one of the natives, Saavedro, to help teach Sirrus and Achenar about Narayan's culture. While his sons completed the Ages and made it to Narayan, Atrus began to fear that they would abuse their power and ended classes before either brother learned the Art.
Atrus's message in the Fore-chamber

However unknown to Atrus, Sirrus and Achenar had became mad with the riches and power they could gain from their father's Ages. Without his knowledge, the brothers began to raid and plunder Atrus's Ages, declaring themselves kings and forcing the Ages' inhabitants to become their subjects. During this time, Atrus had been quite busy with other things and had not checked up on his library. Eventually, the brothers began to burn his books, though Atrus was unsure who to accuse. However a few of the linking books had survived and he hid them in their Places of Protection, leaving Katran a message about it in the Fore-chamber.

Atrus imprisoned in K'veer
When Atrus finally did confront his sons, on Leevotar 29, 9461 DE (March 15–16, 1806 CE), they told him that Katran had gone to K'veer search of him. While Atrus prepared to go and rescue her, Achenar removed a page from Atrus's linking book back to Myst, thus it did not work. Upon arriving in K'veer, he found it deserted with only the Riven descriptive book. Realizing that his Myst book no longer worked and that Katran must have gone onto Riven, he devoted his time to keeping the Age stable.

Rescue by the Stranger[edit]

Miraculously, several months later, on Leevobro 13, 9462 DE (December 12–13, 1806 CE), a Stranger found Atrus's discarded linking book that had fallen into the Star Fissure thirty years prior. After exploring Atrus's undamaged Ages, the Stranger found the missing page and brought it to Atrus in K'veer. Atrus returned to the island briefly to burn the Haven and Spire Linking Books that his sons had previously used in order to prevent anyone from becoming trapped with either of the brothers. Returning, he thanked the Stranger, offering the Myst library as a thank-you gift for rescuing him and asking for the Stranger's assistance in the future.

Atrus reunited with Katran
The Stranger did return a few weeks later, on Leevosahn 1, 9462 DE (January 2–3, 1807 CE), and Atrus sent them to Riven, along with the D'ni Trap Book and his journal for the Stranger to understand what was going on. While Atrus continued to fix Riven's instabilities, the Stranger succeeded in capturing Gehn in the trap book as well as freeing Katran. Katran evacuated the Rivenese villagers to Tay while the Stranger re-opened the Star Fissure, signalling Atrus, who arrived moments before the Age collapsed. After a brief reunion with Katran, he thanked the Stranger, who used the Star Fissure to return to Earth while Atrus and Katran returned to Myst Island.

Upon their return, Atrus revisited his Ages and was shocked and dismayed as the destruction that his sons had done to them. Finding it too painful to remaining living on Myst Island, Atrus wrote the Age Chroma'agana and he and Katran moved there, abandoning Myst forever.

Restoring D'ni[edit]

Atrus and the Averonese gaze upon the ruined city
With his father Gehn now imprisoned in another Age, Atrus could finally turn his attention to the rebuilding of D'ni without the risk that his father might get ahold of his Ages. He wrote the Age of Averone, where he enlisted the help of the natives to break through the rockfall in K'veer that he had caused while trying to escape 30 years earlier.
Atrus and the Averonese find survivors in another Age
The Averonese continued to help Atrus and they searched several Ages, finding many survivors who agreed to return to D'ni to help rebuild.

Their search eventually resulted in the discovery of the book to Terahnee. After visiting the Age, Atrus became convinced that the restoration was not the right thing to do. He shared his thoughts with his fellow D'ni, who decided to let him write them a new Age. He visited some of his older Ages in the hopes of inspiration, but instead found only sadness with memories of his time with Sirrus and Achenar flowing back to him. Catherine also visited Myst too and found the book to J'nanin. Atrus finally wrote the new Age, which he named Releeshahn.

Once the Age was complete, Atrus returned to the surface of Earth and constructed the paradise home of Tomahna for himself, Catherine, and their new daughter, Yeesha. After he finished Tomahna, he finally visited J'nanin, though only stayed very briefly as memories of his sons once again overwhelmed him.

Tomahna and Releeshahn[edit]

Some time after, he found his journals out of place and requested padlocks from Guild Master Tamon.

Atrus and Catherine thank the Stranger.
After the D'ni moved to Releeshahn, Atrus invited the Stranger to come and visit Releeshahn. However, just as they were about to depart, Saavedro, who had been exiled to J'nanin by Sirrus and Achenar 20 years earlier, linked in and stole the Releeshahn descriptive book, setting Atrus's study on fire. Thankfully, the Stranger pursued Saavedro and managed to return the Releeshahn book safely.

With the D'ni settled in Releeshahn, Atrus turned his attention to his sons, who had now spent fifteen years in their prison Ages. Using his Crystal Viewer in Rime, he looked into their Ages and was impressed by what he saw. Finding Rime's frigid temperatures increasingly uncomfortable, he enlisted the help of Guild Master Andritus to help build a Crystal Viewer in Tomahna with a built-in cooling system. In 1817, Atrus succeeded in viewing Haven and Spire, as well as his lab in Rime using the crystal viewer in Tomahna. Pleased to see the creations that both of his sons had made, he began work on an extension to hear sounds from the Ages. In 9474 DE (1818 CE), Atrus, Catherine, and Yeesha took a two week trip to Releeshahn where Atrus talked to several guildsman and Andritus helped him draw up plans for the listening device. Despite of all this, Catherine still longed to see them in person and managed to convince Atrus to write Linking Chambers into the two prison Ages.

Atrus teaching Yeesha the Art
It was around this time that Atrus and Catherine began to believe Yeesha to be the Grower and so Atrus taught her the Art.
Atrus writes to the Stranger
Yet the linking chambers were not enough for Catherine who longed to see her sons freed. Atrus was still sceptical and as they were divided on the matter, he wrote to the Stranger, asking for their advice. On Leevobro 2, 9480 DE (November 27–28, 1824 CE), Yeesha was sent to retrieve them and bring them to Tomahna. Atrus intended to first show the Stranger the two prison Ages through the crystal viewer, then link to the Ages, but as they were calibrating the Crystal Viewer's sound component, the viewer malfunctioned and Atrus was forced to visit Rime to get parts, stopping at the Cleft first to get parts.
Atrus contacting the Stranger through the Crystal Viewer
When Atrus got to Rime, he found himself in the midst of an electric storm, which disabled his linking book back. When he finally returned to Tomahna, he found that both Sirrus and Achenar had escaped their prisons and were both dead.

Some time after Yeesha left at the age of 16, Catherine died and Atrus left Tomahna, moving to Releeshahn.

Atrus reunited with Yeesha in Releeshahn
As of 2005 CE, Atrus is still alive and was reunited at long last with Yeesha after the Bahro had been freed by Dr. Watson.
The following sections are written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.


  • Atrus is the only character to appear in all five Myst games.


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