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Arch of Kerath

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Arch of Kerath
D'ni City location
The Arch of Kerath in its current state

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The Arch of Kerath, or Kerath's Arch, originally called the Arch of Kings, is a giant arch located in at the entrance to Ae'gura's harbor, directly on the line of the Great Zero.


Plans for the arch were made by King Ja'kreen in 598 DE (7059–7058 BCE) and its construction began in 600 DE (7057–7056 BCE), under the supervision of Guild Master Koris. It was completed in 625 DE (7032–7031 BCE), marking the D'ni's 625th year in the cavern. The arch was modeled after an identical one on Garternay and according to a prophecy, the Great King would be welcomed by the Arch, and as such its construction was very important to the D'ni.

According to legend, in 1323 DE (6334 BCE) Ahlsendar was born as the boat his mother fled in passed under the arch, which was claimed by many to fufil Oorpah's prophecy. Ahlsendar would pass under the arch again thirty years later to retake the city and be declared the Great King.

As King Rikooth lay on his death bed, he saw his son Kerath sailing under the arch in a lizard-shaped boat, returning from exile to announce the death of his mother. It is said that Rikooth felt the hand of Yahvo direct the dying king to make Kerath his heir. After Kerath abdicated the throne, the arch was later renamed the Arch of Kerath to honor the last King of D'ni.



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