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1786 CE (aged 91–92)

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Anna, called Ti'ana (D'nitE'ana, Tee'ahnah, meaning 'storyteller') by Aitrus, was a female human that lived in the 18th century CE. She was the first and only known human to visit the D'ni City before its Fall. Ti'ana was the wife of Aitrus and the mother of Gehn.


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Early Life[edit]

Anna was born in 1694 CE. While on an expedition when she was little, Anna witnessed her mother die in a rock climbing accident. For the rest of her childhood, she was then raised by her father in The Lodge in what is modern day New Mexico. As a teenager, she and her father discovered the cave system leading into D'ni, however her father grew ill before they could explore the tunnels. While her father was ill, he taught Anna chess. Unfortunately, her father soon died.


Feeling she had nothing left for her on the surface, Anna decided to explore the tunnels. She eventually found the Great Shaft and descended her way into D'ni. She was soon taken into custody where she quickly learned the D'ni language. A hearing was then called and she was brought before the D'ni Council, where she was questioned about the surface dwellers.

Her answers resulted in the council deciding not to make any more contact with the surface dwellers. They also decided not to condemn Anna to a Prison Age, but instead live in the cavern at the home of Kahlis, a Grand Master of the Guild of Surveyors, along with his wife Tasera and his son Aitrus.

Anna and Aitrus soon became good friends and it was not long until Aitrus showed Anna the family Age, Ko'ah and even invited her to help him write a new Age. However Veovis, one of Aitrus's good friends, was against letting an outsider link to other Ages and refused Anna entry to his Korfah V'ja, though the next day he apologized and gave her a Reekoo.

Veovis soon found out about Aitrus's teaching Anna the Art and exposed it to the council, whom removed the book to Ko'ah and the unfinished book to Gemedet. Aitrus and Kahlis both tried to resign in disgrace, though the council would not permit it. Anna, feeling responsible, offered to leave, though much to her surprise, Tasera did not allow it. Anna then went to Kedri, a Guild Master of the Legislators and asked him to find any references in the records that showed that an outsider was allowed to link. He agreed and soon found the evidence that supported outsiders linking and the books were returned to the house of Kahlis.

The Cleft[edit]

Ti'ana and Gehn lived in the Cleft until Gehn ran away from home when he was fourteen.

Later Gehn returned to the Cleft with his pregnant wife, Keta. Although she did all she could, Ti'ana was not able to save her and she died giving birth to Atrus. Gehn stormed off, leaving Atrus in the care of Ti'ana.

When Atrus was fourteen, Gehn returned and took Atrus into the D'ni cavern. Anna then pursued them to Riven. There, she met Catherine and conspired with her to trap Gehn. She then wrote the Age of Myst and gave Catherine the book there. She then waited there while Catherine and Atrus finished their plan and greeted them when they returned to Myst. 

Myst Island[edit]

Ti'ana's grave on Myst Island

Anna lived with the family on Myst, helping them raise Sirrus and Achenar.

Sadly, while visiting one of Catherine's Ages, Anna met an unexpected death. She was buried on Myst Island.