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Kadish Tolesa
Kadish Tolesa in its current state


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c. 9395 DE (1739–1740 CE)


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"Only the way a man is when he is hidden is how he is. A shallow glimpse can deceive. Look deep, ponder, and recognize all that is hidden."
Regeltavok Oorpah, Book 9, Entry 221, Item 77, Uru

Kadish Tolesa (D'ni, meaning 'Kadish's sealed place' or 'Kadish's vault') is an Age written by Guild Master Kadish shortly before the Fall of D'ni. The Age was used to house a vault that stored his wealth and treasures. The Vault was heavily guarded. The Age has five main puzzles that Kadish built, and clues to solving them can be found in the artwork of Kadish Gallery. The Age was later one of the Ages in Yeesha's Journey.


The main part of the Age is made up of a thick forest with a dense purplish fog. Leaves of green and orange float constantly from the canopy. It can be divided into five main areas, which are: the Age's top, the Moon Room, the Pyramid, the Pillar Room and the Vault. Each of these parts is meant to be a hindrance towards advancing on the Age.

The ruins and telescopes

The Age's top is composed of three sets of telescopes which consist the main puzzle here. Upon solving the puzzle, the traveler is granted access to the Moon Room, where he must assemble and then seek the true path towards the Pyramid. Once outside the Moon Room, it is possible to catch a glimpse of what the Age's exterior really is, with its purplish blue sky, the tall trees that protrude from the mist below, and its sun and moons, which complete the beauty of the view. Whether Kadish wrote this Age to be some sort of ruins, or if it became this much decayed due to lack of maintenance is unknown. The state of things on this Age just add to its beauty. The Pyramid is the most difficult of the five areas to get through, if one does not know what to look for. After getting through the Pyramid, one is taken to the Pillar Room, a huge contraption designed to elevate the pillars in order to go forward. After finding a way through the Pillar Room, the traveler is finally taken to the Vault, which the Guild Master thought to be impenetrable and intended to remain forever locked. Within the Age's Vault are the remains of Kadish, lying amidst the treasure he coveted. A note written in D'ni can also be found in the vault, a testament to the Age's purpose and the Guild Master's final days.

Alternate vault[edit]

There is an alternate version of the vault, existing in a different pseudo-instance of the Age, which can be linked to via a linking book hidden in the original vault. This vault is empty of treasure and with Kadish's body gone. The vault and the viewable exterior of the vault are also visibly different from the version in the real Kadish Tolesa. Torn fragments of paper in the alternate vault document Yeesha's claim that she gave him new life with "the powers of gods", but the nature of these events and of the empty vault remains a mystery. There are butterflies in this vault, as well as a Relto page to obtain the wildlife of the Age.




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