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Water Ahnonay in its current state


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Ahnonay (D'nianonA, Ahnoney, meaning 'water root') is an Age written by Kadish, a former Guild Master of the Guild of Writers as a part of his interpretation of the Path of the Shell, around the time of the Fall of D'ni. Kadish believed himself to be the Grower and wrote Ahnonay to make the rest of the D'ni believe he could travel through time, one of the many abilities that the Watcher prophesied the Grower would have.

The "Age" of Ahnonay, as it was written/conceived, consists of two distinct Ages. The first one is Ahnonay Cathedral, an age inside a cathedral-like structure, containing the same symbols as the ones seen in Kadish Gallery (in Ae'Gura) and Kadish Tolesa, a walkway above water, connecting its linking point and a linking book which displays a waterfall from where rocks can be seen protruding from behind the water. The second age is Ahnonay "proper", which can be reached by linking to the "Waterfall" book.

Upon linking to Ahnonay, unlike other ages, the explorer is not taken to the waterfall displayed in its linking panel; instead, they reach a horseshoe-shaped island encircling a clock-like device. Since the age was created to demonstrate Kadish's ability to travel through time, one of three "times" of Ahnonay age can be reached: its past, with a pink-colored island surrounded by strong water currents, and inhabited landmasses which can be seen in the distance; its present, with a gray island surrounded by mist/clouds, the landmasses in the distance visibly decayed; its future, with a brownish island floating alone in space. The clock-like device also displays different states of conservation: fully functional in the past, decayed in the present, and broken down in the future.

Information available on the Age states that Kadish wrote Ahnonay to depict D'ni's original Age of Garternay, as it was on its past (lush and inhabited), as it is on its present (decayed due to Garternay's sun having died millenia ago), and as it will be in its future (when time consumes all of the Age, leaving nothing but the bare rock of the island).

The explorer is usually taken to Ahnonay's past state when first linking to the age (if linking to a friend's Ahnonay, they will reach whatever time is set to that specific Ahnonay), and will continue to link to it until they can figure out how to reach the other times. Upon unlocking all times, they will cycle in succession with each linking to the Age: from past to present to future to past and so on.

Being an Age written by Kadish, nothing in Ahnonay can be expected to work as it first seems. By investigating the age further, the mechanics behind the time travel, and other parts of the age, become accessible. Evidence (including hints in other Ages such as Eder Kemo) points to the existence of a fourth "time" for Ahnonay, where Kadish is revealed as the "Grower", thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Watcher. When enough knowledge is gained about the Age, this fourth time is revealed, and the secret of Ahnonay is revealed. The last part of the Age becomes accessible, enabling the explorer to find two other Bahro Caves, where one of them leads to the Age's corresponding Wedge.

Flora and fauna[edit]

  • Quab (water sphere only)
  • Terrose (water sphere only)
  • Ning tree (mist sphere only)


  • Water Ahnonay
  • Mist Ahnonay
  • Space Ahnonay
  • Statue Ahnonay



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