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Age 37
A map of Age 37


Inhabited Age

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c. 9426 DE (1770–1771 CE)


Age 37 natives

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Myst: The Book of Atrus

Gehn's 37th Age (D'nisev 1@, sev [1|12], meaning 'Age 37') was the first inhabited Age that Gehn allowed Atrus to visit. Like most of Gehn's ages, Age 37 proved unstable due to contradictions resulting from Gehn's economy of words, resulting in geological instability. Ultimately, Gehn's carelessness left the island stranded above the ocean. His subsequent deletions of previous alterations from the age's Descriptive Book resulted in the link shifting to a parallel universe, condemning the people of the original age to death by drought and famine. These events ultimately solidified Atrus' belief that through their Art, the D'ni created links to preexisting worlds rather than the worlds themselves.


The Age consisted of an island, about a mile wide, resting on a pedestal of rock surrounded by vast, ice-cold ocean. The temperature difference between the geothermally-heated sea and the cold currents of the ocean resulted in a Mist Wall that surrounded the island; this mist, combined with the treacherous currents, effectively isolated the island and its inhabitants from the surrounding world, making it an island in every possible sense.

The island itself was mostly covered with rolling hills and meadows interrupted by jutting rocks and tall, black-leaved trees. At the center of the island was a salt lake that fed into the sea; freshwater was supplied by springs and a well near Gehn's quarters. Rodent-like birds soared the skies, while the sea was filled with schools of small, oily, silver fish. Two moons, one red and one white, dominated the Age's night sky.


The roughly 200 inhabitants of Age 37 were human in appearance, light-skinned, stocky, and fair-haired. The people wore brown smocks of coarse linen, and their homes were simple thatched huts connected by bridges at the head of the lagoon. Much of their food came from the sea, though they succeeded in cultivating flax and grain prior to Gehn's arrival. Although the soil of the age was rich, its acidity limited their agricultural productivity and cultural development. While Atrus befriended several of the natives during his time on Age 37, Gehn considered the people little better than savages.

Atrus' Visits[edit]

About three years prior to Atrus' first visit, Gehn wrote the 37th Age and declared himself ruler over its people, setting up a temple/meeting tent and conscripting one of the natives, Koena, to serve as his acolyte.

Atrus and Gehn made multiple visits to the 37th Age. Atrus spent several weeks living with an old woman in the village, studying phrases from the Age's descriptive book and seeking to understand how they were expressed in the world. During this time, a number of cracks began appearing in the ground as a result of the Age's instability, and a few small islands began receding into the sea.

During a fishing expedition with two of the natives, Atrus decided to venture beyond the Mist Wall and, with great difficulty, succeeded in escaping its deadly currents. The people, who had previously worshiped the phenomenon, became fearful, believing that judgement would fall on any who "cheated" the Whiteness. Upon learning of the incident, Gehn made adjustments to the Age's descriptive book to warm the ocean and remove the mists. Shortly afterward, Atrus and Gehn left the Age for a time, returning only to test the results of a soil experiment.

When Atrus succeeded in writing his first Age, Inception, Gehn arranged to hold a "god-crowning ceremony" (Korfah V'ja) on the 37th Age, making unspecified changes to its descriptive book in preparation. Upon arriving, they found the island to be unexpectedly stranded hundreds of feet above the ocean, which Atrus suspected to be a byproduct of warming the ocean. Gehn claimed that this event was a display of his power, ignoring the natives' pleas for help. Upon concluding the stormy and disastrous ceremony, Atrus and Gehn linked back to K'veer.

Alternate Age 37[edit]

After ignoring Atrus' pleas to help the people of Age 37, Gehn scored out his most recent additions to the descriptive book when Atrus questioned his ability to fix the situation. Atrus then visited the "fixed" Age, only to discover that rather than repairing the first Age, Gehn's deletions had shifted the link to a parallel world: While the island's geography and people appeared the same, Gehn's constructions were absent, and Koena's counterpart proved hostile and unfamiliar with the D'ni tongue. After linking away with his spare linking book, Atrus confronted his inebriated father, who deemed Age 37 a "failed experiment" and burned the descriptive book, destroying the link and Atrus' trust in his father's sanity.

Known Inhabitants of the Original Age 37[edit]



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