Ae'gura Palace

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Ae'gura Palace
D'ni City location
The Palace in its current state

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The Ae'gura Palace is a large building located in Ae'gura near the Tokotah Courtyard.


The palace was constructed during the reign of King Shomat, the third D'ni King. Ri'neref and Ailesh, the first two D'ni Kings, had denied themselves a palace, insisting that there were more important buildings, including a Common Library and the Temple of Yahvo, to be built.

Modern day[edit]

The DRC has only permitted access to certain areas of the palace, including the Kings Lookout and the Hall of Kings. A rooftop and a small balcony overlooking the Canyon Mall can be reached via Bahro Stones located in Gahreesen and Kadish Tolesa respectively.