Ae'gura Museum

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Ae'gura Museum
D'ni City location
The Ae'gura Museum in its current state

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 3,660; Horizontal displacement (spans) 43; Vertical displacement (spans) -78

Linking books at location

Appears in

The Ae'gura Museum is one of the buildings in Ae'gura located near Tokotah Courtyard. It has at least two floors, though the DRC has only permitted access to the top level. Located there are ten book pedestals, five on each side of the room. The Sun and Moons Relto Page can be found on the center pedestal on the right side of the room.

The DRC has set up a fold-up table on the right side of the room and a map of the Pod Age, as well as a size comparison chart of the creatures of Negilahn.

Currently, linking books to four of the pods located on the unnamed Pod Age can be found there:

The interior of the museum