Ae'gura Library

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Ae'gura Library
D'ni City location
The Library in its current state

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 57,041; Horizontal displacement (spans) 95; Vertical displacement (spans) -78

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The Ae'gura Library is a Common Library located in Ae'gura and is one of the locations in the city with a Nexus terminal, which is located outside the library. The interior of the library has three levels, though only one is currently open to explorers. Linking Books to Minkata and Jalak Dador are currently on display along with notebooks about the Ages.

On February 28, 2007, a Bahro Stone leading to the pyramid in Kadish Gallery was placed behind the library and can still be found there to this day.

Notebooks located there

The interior of the library