Ae'gura Aquarium

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Ae'gura Aquarium
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The Ae'gura Aquarium is a currently closed-off building located on the island of Ae'gura within the D'ni Cavern. The aquarium is located at least partially below the level of the cavern's lake, providing a view of the lake's bed, as well as containing several tanks of water showcasing the cavern's marine fauna.

The D'ni Restoration Council began to restore the area in 2006 during the Second Restoration, though on November 3rd, 2006, "severe cracks" in the aquarium's tanks were noted. The area officially never progressed past Restoration Phase One before the cavern's closure in 2008. In 2014, the area's restoration was handed over to the Intangibles, and it is currently in Phase Four of restoration, having been restored by Keith Lord.