Achenar's Third Speech

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Bluebook1.jpg This article contains information that is not entirely canon to the Myst storyline.


"You're back! Good! .... still more blue pages you've brought for me .... Bring more, I must have some more. .... that's all I ask of you .... long .... been so long since my brother, Sirrus, wrongfully imprisoned me within this book. Stupid scheming .... pretty speech has been .... greed which is endless! .... It should be perfectly obvious to you .... he has done evil and he has destroyed all but four of .... Oh, do not bring the red pages to him. .... you must not let him trick you, he will .... he tricked our father. .... hideously murdered our father! He'll trick you, he'll murder you. Don't touch the red pages .... beg you to bring the blue pages. .... to me! Listen! You must obey me! .... The blue pages are my only hope! You must help me, you must help me." - Achenar

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