Achenar's Fifth Speech

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Bluebook1.jpg This article contains information that is not entirely canon to the Myst storyline.


"Hello. I am Achenar. I am glad to see that you have returned to help me escape from my wrongful imprisonment. It was Sirrus who did this to me. Sirrus, my wicked brother. Do not listen to him! I warn you! I warn you again: he is a liar. Do not be persuaded by his evil lies. Do not release him. He killed my father! He will kill you.

It began when my brother, Sirrus, began to lust for riches. He stole from the Ages of Myst. He horded up riches for himself. While father... father slept away his watchfulness, my sick brother secretly pronounced himself king. King of the Ages of Myst, he said. He began to look upon me in disgust his lowly brother.

I hated him!

And then Sirrus began to destroy the Ages of Myst. He burned their forests. He tore down their structures. He flooded their lands. He murdered their inhabitants. He completely destroyed all but four of the Ages.

Of course, I had to warn my Father, but when I finally found him there was Sirrus also, talking cleverly, with the lying tongue of a serpent.

He convinced Father that it was I who had destroyed the Ages. He convinced father that it was I who was greedy for wealth and plunder. And as Sirrus dealt the final blow, he tricked Father into believing that I was the murderer.

But Sirrus did not deal as fast a blow as he planned, and as Father died a slow death he at last doubted my brother's clever lies. And so, in dying, father imprisoned us both, unsure from which of us the blow had come.

I swear to you, what I say is the truth. Release me. You must release me! My brother is a deceitful liar and deserves punishment. I only wish vengeance for my dear Father's wrongful murder. Believe me.

You must only recover one additional page to release me from this prison. It is the easiest to find.

Go to the bookshelf that is in this library. On the far right side of the middle shelf, there is a burned book which is different from the other burnt books; this book is filled with patterns. Find pattern 158. Mimic its design on the panel in the fireplace. Doing this will bring you to the last blue page.

Remember, don't take the red page. Take only the blue page and return it quickly to me.

And do not touch the green book! It is a clever trap to imprison those who have not been warned. Do not be tempted: for you will rot and die, imprisoned as I am.

I tell you if you follow my instructions it will be well worth your while. I promise you that. Go. Go." - Achenar