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Achenar on Serenia in 9480 DE (1824 CE)




1776 CE (age Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".)


Leevobro 3, 9480 DE (aged 47–48)

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Myst Island


½ Rivenese, Human, D'ni



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Achenar was the son of Atrus and Catherine and the oldest brother of Sirrus and Yeesha.


Early life[edit]

Sirrus and Achenar playing on Myst Island.
Born on Myst Island in 1775 CE, he was the firstborn son of Atrus and Catherine, as Sirrus was born two years later. As a child, he and Sirrus visited several of Atrus's ages, including Everdunes where the two boys became good friends with Pran, one of the natives. Ti'ana, Achenar's great-grandmother, died when Achenar was ten. Atrus withdrew from his sons and buried himself in writing ages in reaction to his grandmother's death. Achenar had trouble dealing with his emotions after the incident.

At one point, Atrus took Sirrus and Achenar to Serenia, one of Catherine's Ages, to learn their customs and rituals.

Although Atrus at first thought Sirrus and Achenar to be a nuisance, his opinion changed when Sirrus and Achenar helped build a fortress in Mechanical.

At some point, Atrus wrote Channelwood and took Sirrus and Achenar on a visit there. The two quickly picked up the native language, and Atrus permitted them to stay while he checked up on Osmoian and some of his other Ages.

Lesson Ages and gaining power[edit]

Sirrus and Achenar on Narayan
When Achenar was 18, Atrus finally agreed to teach him and Sirrus the Art. He wrote five lesson ages to help the brothers understand the principles of Ages. When they came to the final one, Narayan, they learn the customs of the Age with the help of Saavedro, one of the natives. However, Atrus feared his sons would abuse their power and ended lessons before either learned the Art.

Five years later, Sirrus and Achenar returned to Narayan and started a civil war. Claiming that they could fix the worlds imbalances, the younger population rebelled against the elders and their followers. After almost being arrested, the two brothers left the Age, returning to J'nanin. However, Saavedro followed them and pleaded with the brothers to fix the destruction they had caused. The brothers laughed at his pleas, tying him to one of the reflection poles. The two brothers then built a fire and used their Myst linking books over it, so as they linked, the book fell into the fire and were destroyed.

Achenar and Sirrus them began to plunder their father's Ages, including Stoneship, Mechanical, and Channelwood.

The two then devised a plan to trap their parents before they found out about the ruined Ages. On Leevotar 29, 9461 DE (March 15–16, 1806 CE), they lied to Catherine that Atrus had gone to Riven and then told Atrus that Catherine had gone to K'veer. With their parents out of the picture, the two devised a plan to use the Memory Chamber on Serenia to remove his father's memories of the Art.


Achenar on Haven.
After an argument on Serenia with Sirrus, Achenar secretly linked to Haven, one of the two Ages that Atrus had forbidden them travel to, as it was secretly a prison Age with no way off. He did not realize at first that he was trapped, as he spent the first weeks hunting the wildlife.

It was only after considering linking back to Myst that Achenar realized that he was trapped. He panicked, quickly descending into greater brutality. He soon discovered he wasn't the only hunter on Haven. When seeing the Cerpatee for the first time, he made it his mission to kill the beast, along with its mate and offspring. He then spent the next three years with his "war" against the Cerpatee.

After he killed the last Cerpatee, Achenar was overcome by guilt. He built himself a house on the lake and at last found peace, befriending a tribe on Mangrees in the south jungle.

In 9475 DE (1819 CE), Atrus and Catherine wrote a Linking Chamber into Haven's beach and contact between parents and son were re-established. He soon met his sister, Yeesha, and grew to love her very much. At one point he tried to give her a gift, though Atrus refused to let her accept it.

Redemption and death[edit]

The brothers' reunion.

In 9480 DE (1824 CE), 20 years after the brothers' imprisonment, Sirrus escaped from Spire. Sirrus tried to kidnap Yeesha, who linked to Haven to seek help from Achenar. After a brief struggle, Achenar was knocked out by one of Sirrus's Crystal Bombs. When he recovered, he followed Sirrus to Tomahna. Finding the Serenia book in Yeesha's room, he walked out onto the deck, and just as he linked there, the Stranger returned from the first Prison Age that they visited.

Achenar breaks the glass.
Achenar's final moments.
When Achenar arrived in Serenia, he quickly stole the Life Stone, although as he left the chamber, he encountered the Stranger. After pleading with them to help him, he proceeded to the Old Memory Chamber, where he arrived just in time to prevent the Stranger from freeing Sirrus disguised in Yeesha's body. As Sirrus fled into Dream, the Old Memory Chamber started to shut down. Knowing the only way to save his sister would be to insert the life stone into the heart of the flower, he exposed himself to the toxins in doing so. He lived long enough to see his sister awaken, assuring her that everything would be all right as he passed away.

Personality and Background[edit]

According to Dr. Watson, Achenar is named after the star Achernar, due to his father's love of astronomy.

The following sections are written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

Role in the Franchise[edit]

Achenar appears in two of the five Myst games, Myst and Myst IV: Revelation. In Myst, he along with Sirrus are the antagonists while in Revelation, he has reformed and works with the Stranger to defeat Sirrus. He is mentioned in Myst: The Book of Atrus and in one of Yeesha's journals in Myst V: End of Ages. His previous actions play an important role in Myst III: Exile.



Achenar appears in the first issue of the cancelled Myst: The Book of Black Ships comic series, The Joining. In it, his role is reversed with that of Sirrus.

Achenar in the Blue Prison Book.

In Myst, in 9462 DE (1806 CE), while Achenar was imprisoned in the Blue Prison Book, he could see the Stranger through the linking panel and begged them to bring blue pages. If the Stranger does so and brings him all six, they will trigger a bad ending. However, if the Stranger makes the right choice, Atrus burns the book, along with Sirrus's book.

In Myst IV: Revelation, in 9480 DE (1824 CE), if the Stranger had not pulled the amber lever, Achenar would have been killed by Sirrus disguised in Yeesha's body.


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