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A'gaeris (known to many as "The Philosopher") was an influential D'ni and the main mastermind behind its fall. At an early point in his life, he was a member of the Guild of Writers.


Early Life[edit]

A'gaeris was born some time around 1600 AD.

He became a member of the Guild of Writers and soon rose to the rank of Guild Master. In 1685 AD (9340 DE) he was engaged to be married, but before the wedding, A'gaeris was accused of several crimes, one of which was stealing a Linking Book. Although he denied the charges, A'gaeris was expelled from the Guild and his betrothal was broken off. Feeling betrayed, he moved to Kerath'en, a district in the lower city.

For the next fifty years, A'gaeris wrote several pamphlets, including one on his dislike of outsiders. He eventually earn himself the name of "the Philosopher." However, A'gaeris's main goal was to destroy all of D'ni as revenge for his punishment.

Plotting D'ni's Fall[edit]

His hopes of D'ni's fall became a reality when Suahrnir, a Guild Master of the Guild of Maintainers introduced A'gaeris to Veovis. A'gaeris forged several documents in Veovis's handwriting that framed Veovis for dealing in trade of illegal books, and the death of two young members of the Guild of Maintainers. A'gaeris then gave the papers to Aitrus, a former friend of Veovis, who in turn presented them to the D'ni Council. Veovis was tried and sentenced to a Prison Age. However, A'gaeris soon freed Veovis, and the two plotted several attacks on the D'ni city with the help of Suahrnir. They bombed the Ink-Works and A'gaeris desecrated one of the Five Classics forging Talashar's (the Guild Master who wrote that classic and had died over six thousand years ago) handwriting.

Unfortunately for A'gaeris and Veovis, Ti'ana discovered the Age they were using as a base not very long after the Ink-Works bombing. She managed to destroy all their spare linking books that Suahrnir had provided and capture Veovis. A'gaeris had no choice but to flee to another Age were he had forced the natives to be his slaves. Soon after, Veovis was tried and sent to another Prison Age, though A'gaeris managed to free him from that one too.

They moved their base of operation to K'veer where they plotted D'ni's complete fall. Using the fans that pumped fresh air into the cavern, they spreed a toxic plague into the cavern. The two then linked dead bodies into all the Ages that the survivors had fled to. With most of D'ni's inhabitants dead, A'gaeris asked Veovis to write him an Age in which they would be considered gods. However, this was too much for Veovis and he refused. Angered by his refusal, A'gaeris stabbed Veovis in the back. Returning to his boat, A'gaeris found Ti'ana and Gehn, and took them to K'veer as his prisoners hoping to lure Aitrus there.

However, before Veovis died, he gave Aitrus the Descriptive Book to Ederat, an Age where A'gaeris kept several books. Aitrus then modified it, to link to an Age filled with molten rock. He then linked to K'veer where he burned A'gaeris's books. Aitrus then lured A'gaeris into the Ederat book and both perished soon after arriving.


After A'gaeris was thrown out of the guild, he grew to hate the D'ni, doing whatever it took to plot its fall. A mastery of forgery, he was also manipulative and cunning.

The following section is written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

Role in the Franchise[edit]

A'gaeris was the main villain in Myst: The Book of Ti'ana and his actions eventually trigger the events of the Myst saga. He is mentioned in Myst: The Book of Atrus, Myst: The Book of D'ni, and realMYST.