Yeesha's and Sirrus's Chess Conversation

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This is the first of two memories that the Stranger had to fix in Yeesha's mind in Dream in order to free her from Sirrus.


1st Part[edit]

"Daddy's really good at chess." - Yeesha

2nd Part[edit]

"You should play him." - Yeesha

3rd Part[edit]

"I'd like to, sis, but I don't have a chess set." - Sirrus

4th Part[edit]

"You could make one, just like you made my Spirit Guide." - Yeesha

5th Part[edit]

"I could, but it's really hard to carve figurines that small." - Sirrus

6th Part[edit]

"They break so easily." - Sirrus

7th Part[edit]

"Well, maybe Mom and Dad could give you a set, as a present." - Yeesha

8th Part[edit]

"I'll tell them to when I link home." - Yeesha

9th Part[edit]

"Ha! Right! And I suppose you'll tell them to make it out of the same rock as this chamber." - Sirrus

10th Part[edit]

"That way I'll never be able to break it." - Sirrus