Yeesha's and Sirrus's Chess Conversation

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This is the first of two memories that the Stranger had to fix in Yeesha's mind in Dream in order to free her from Sirrus.


1st Part

"Daddy's really good at chess." - Yeesha

2nd Part

"You should play him." - Yeesha

3rd Part

"I'd like to, sis, but I don't have a chess set." - Sirrus

4th Part

"You could make one, just like you made my Spirit Guide." - Yeesha

5th Part

"I could, but it's really hard to carve figurines that small." - Sirrus

6th Part

"They break so easily." - Sirrus

7th Part

"Well, maybe Mom and Dad could give you a set, as a present." - Yeesha

8th Part

"I'll tell them to when I link home." - Yeesha

9th Part

"Ha! Right! And I suppose you'll tell them to make it out of the same rock as this chamber." - Sirrus

10th Part

"That way I'll never be able to break it." - Sirrus