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==Featured in:==
*[[Myst V: End of Ages]]
*[[Myst V: End of Ages]]

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Yeesha's twelfth Journal

Written by



The Great Shaft

Pages long


Appears in

Myst V: End of Ages

This is the last of twelve journals written by Yeesha that were scattered around the Great Shaft while Dr. Watson took the Quest in 2005. During that time, it could be found in the fourth and final Eder Tomahn.


I know what to do. I see it so clearly. One more chance to determine the destiny of the tablet. I can feel it.

To be so close and yet so powerless - it drives me mad. The Tablet sits there, holding the power of the Bahro captive, and I know what to do. I failed once, but what does that mean? Why am I punished when I could accomplish much? The rules seems so arbitrary - some game of the Maker that only he understands.

This legacy of failure. And now I see the finale chance to right generations of wrong. To unleash the power that has held for thousands of years. It is at my fingertips! I know what must be done, but I cannot speak of it, for fear that it would somehow break the rules - tarnish the heart, taint the act, soil the innocence.

I had a dream...

I am carrying the seed of D'ni, the seed of all things that are D'ni, through a small cave. And I come to a place where the path stops, and there are two holes-one above me, and one below me. And through the hole below I can see the D'ni cavern and the great city. And through the hole above I can see the sky and sun.

A voice calls to me "In which hole will you plant the seed?"

And I know it is easy to drop the seed in the hole below, and I know it is impossible to throw the seed through the hole above. I call out to the voice, asking for wisdom.

And the voice answers me "Do not drop the seed in the hole below, for that is easy, but that is the way of the past. Do not throw the seed in the hole above, for that is difficult, and that is the task for another. In which hole will you plant the seed?"

And I know what to do.

And I know that I am the Grower.

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