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"From nothing, Yahvo created a seed. Amidst nothing, the seed lived and grew until a single root emerged from the seed.
The light of Yahvo shone on the seed, causing it to grow, but only slightly. Yahvo was unhappy with what he saw and so he waited. Eventually, another root appeared, and another, and another, and soon there were millions of roots extending out from the seed, stretching through all time and space eventually pleasing Yahvo with their color and diversity."

Yahvo (D'niyavo), also called the Maker (D'nirebareltan, rebahreltahn) by many, is the Ronay God, whom they believed to be responsible for the creation of all Ages of the Great Tree and gifting them with the power to travel to them using the Art. This belief was carried on by the D'ni, and as such Yahvo continued to be worshipped by the vast majority of the D'ni people.

The name Yahvo is one of the ways to pronounce "YHWH" (יהוה), the Hebrew spelling of one of the names of the biblical God. It is unknown if and how Yahvo is related to the biblical God in any other way.