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The Watcher
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The Watcher was an influential D'ni prophet that lived from 4334 DE (3323–3322 BCE) to 4606 DE (3051–3050 BCE). He is most well-known for his collection of prophecies, known as Words.


The Watcher was born in 4334 DE (3323–3322 BCE), and according to rumor, his mother gave birth to him while she linked from the Age of Trases to D'ni. This strange birth was said to have given him the ability to see beyond time.

Around 4397 DE (3260–3259 BCE), 625 vaileetee after his birth, the Watcher was supposedly visited by Yahvo while on the Age of Windring, after the apparent explosion of the star Ces, and was told to watch for signs that revealed past, present, and future events.

Exactly 75 hahrtee later, around 4472 DE (3185–3184 BCE), while the Watcher was waiting in the cavern of Rolep, a breeze blew through the cavern, and his sight was restored. He then climbed the stairs of Rolep, seeing the "great tree of D'ni," and was supposedly again spoken to by Yahvo, who told him that as the Watcher had waited, He had restored his sight. Yahvo also told him that He would give him wisdom, for those to come. Hence, each yahr for the next 125 yahrtee, the Watcher received five lines of wisdom, which he wrote down in five sections. In 4500 DE (3157–3156 BCE), the Watcher published these five sections, along with a prologue, collectively known as Words.

In Words[edit]

The watcher is also a figure mentioned a few times throughout Words, as an individual who waits and watches for words from Yahvo. According to the prologue, the Watcher himself was told by Yahvo that he was the watcher.

References in Words[edit]


And I cried out to the Maker, “How long will you make me watch and wait, for I am weary?”
And the Maker replied, “You will watch and wait until the signs come, for you are the watcher.”

Section 3[edit]

Lines 78-84[edit]

The watcher will watch for words from the Maker.
The voice will speak the mind of the Maker.
The giver will grant the blessings of the Maker.
The destroyer will hold the knife of the Maker.
The seeker will share the truths of the Maker.
The grower will bring the life of the Maker.
The builder will build the peace of the Maker.

Section 5[edit]

Lines 10-12[edit]

The number of the watcher is six hundred and twenty five.
It is the number of waiting.
It is the number of truth.