Tower of Rotation

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Tower of Rotation
The tower's exterior


Myst Island


Giving clues to the places of protection

Appears in

"You shouldn't have to use the books until I return, but... if you've forgotten the access keys, remember the tower rotation."

The Tower of Rotation is a circular structure built atop the large mountain on Myst Island. When the tower is in one of its correct positions, a small lookout window looks out on the Place of Protection the tower is rotated to.

The controls to rotate the tower are found on the map in the library, although a location's Marker Switch must be active in order for the tower to lock onto it. Only the four places of protection can be locked onto though: the Sunken Gears, Dock and Ship, Tree Elevator or Spaceship. The tower can be accessed through a secret passage behind the library bookshelf.

Modern times

Due to the island remaining uninhabited for 200 years, it has fallen into decay. The paintings that opened the secret entrance have been destroyed, meaning that there is no way to access the tower. The map no longer works, and as such the tower cannot be rotated. It is unknown what the current condition of the interior of the tower is.