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Tomahna in 9480 DE (1824 CE)




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"We call it Tomahna. We moved here after Atrus finished writing Releeshahn. He wanted us to have a new home, too."

Tomahna (D'nitomana, Tomahnah, meaning 'Home') was the new home for Atrus and Catherine, and later their daughter Yeesha, after they found it too painful to live on Myst Island. It is located in what is modern day New Mexico not far from the Cleft, in Eddy County. Constructed in a hidden canyon, it was perched above a running river and used a waterwheel on a nearby waterfall as its source of power. The only known way into Tomahna (besides linking book) was via a tram. Unfortunately, Tomahna is now destroyed, as noted in a letter from Atrus.


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Atrus and Catherine moved to Tomahna after Atrus fished writing Releeshahn, which he wrote on the Age of Chroma'agana as they found living on Myst Island too painful.

In 1814 CE, Atrus visited his lesson Age of J'nanin for old times' sake. However in doing so, he unknowingly left a door open back to Tomahna for the exiled Saavedro to follow. Seeking revenge on actions committed by Sirrus and Achenar, he took subsequent trips to Tomahna at night where he read through Atrus's journals and plotted to steal Releeshahn.

In 9471 DE, the Stranger visited Tomahna at the same time Saavedro linked in, setting Atrus's lab ablaze and stealing the Releeshahn descriptive book. Though the study was practically destroyed, the Stranger was successfully able to return Releeshahn.

After the D'ni had settled into Releeshahn, Atrus now turned his attention to his sons whom were still imprisoned in their Ages. He constructed a new and improved Crystal Viewer in his lab that could hear sounds from the Prison Ages as well as a Linking Chamber below the couple's bedroom to safely visit the Ages.


  • Yeesha's bedroom
  • Kitchen/Dining Room/Living Room
  • Atrus and Catherine's bedroom
  • Atrus's lab
Centered in a rock arch, it is Atrus's main workspace, housing a giant telescope, as well has his second Crystal Viewer.
  • Atrus's study
Located off of the sun room, it was the only part of Tomahna accessible in Myst III: Exile. In 9471 DE, it housed the Releeshahn descriptive book, as well as a Riven linking book. The room was later burned by a fire started by Saavedro
  • Catherine's study




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