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Gives text a tooltip, appearing when hovered over. For abbreviations, Template:Abbr should be used instead.


1 The content that will be given a tooltip. Required.
2 The text of the tooltip. Optional.
color The CSS color of the underline. Optional. Defaults to #444.
linestyle The CSS border-style value for the underline. Optional. Defaults to dotted.
nocursor If filled, the cursor will not change to a question mark when hovering over the text. Optional.
nodash If filled, the text will not have a dotted underline. Optional.
style Additional CSS styling added to the span. Optional.
override If filled, the hover text will be placed after parameter 1 (separated by a space), rather than being hover text. This parameter exists for use in Template:dnidatebase/format. Optional.


{{tooltip|visible text|tooltip text}}

visible text

{{tooltip|visible text|tooltip text|nodash=y|nocursor=y}}

visible text

{{tooltip|visible text|(non-tooltip text)|override=y}}

visible text (non-tooltip text)