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This template returns a specific datum relating to an infobox background image.


Parameter no. Meaning Description
1 Infobox ID The ID of the infobox, as listed in the below table. If the ID is not recognized, a blank string will be returned.
2 Datum ID The ID of the datum, as listed in the below table. If the infobox ID is valid but the datum ID is not specified, the infobox ID will be returned.

All data[edit]

The columns of this table (excluding 'Infobox ID' and 'Icon') correspond to the IDs of the data that can be queried. Widths are calculated such that each icon has a number of pixels as close to that of a 40x40px image (1600 pixels) as possible, with a maximum height of 40px.

Infobox ID name filename width height Icon
age Age File:Infobox Age.png 47px 34px
Infobox Age.png
album Album File:Infobox album.png 49px 33px
Infobox album.png
character Character File:Infobox character.png 59px 27px
Infobox character.png
civilization Civilization File:Infobox civilization.png 40px 40px
Infobox civilization.png
creature Flora/fauna File:Infobox creature.png 49px 33px
Infobox creature.png
dnilocation D'ni City location File:Infobox D'ni location.png 40px 40px
Infobox D'ni location.png
explorer Explorer File:Infobox explorer.png 42px 38px
Infobox explorer.png
game Game File:Infobox game.png 44px 36px
Infobox game.png
guild Guild File:Infobox Guild.png 40px 40px
Infobox Guild.png
guildmember Guild member File:Infobox Guild member.png 40px 40px
Infobox Guild member.png
king King File:Infobox king.png 40px 40px
Infobox king.png
literature Literature File:Infobox literature.png 36px 40px
Infobox literature.png
location Location File:Infobox location.png 40px 40px
Infobox location.png
novel Novel File:Infobox novel.png 36px 40px
Infobox novel.png
reltopage Relto page File:Infobox Relto page.png 40px 40px
Infobox Relto page.png
technology Technology File:Infobox technology.png 40px 40px
Infobox technology.png
writing Writing File:Infobox writing.png 46px 34px
Infobox writing.png


Wikitext Output