Kenen Gor

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Kenen Gor
Kenen gor
The manifesto as it appeared during the First Restoration

Written by



The classrooms of Bevin and Seret neighborhoods

Appears in

The manifesto in its current condition

Kenen Gor (D'niKenen gor, meaning 'it is time') is a note written in D'ni which can be found in the classrooms of Bevin and Seret neighborhoods, and which appears to be a manifesto written by a group of rebels interested in the abolition of D'ni's class system and the liberation of D'ni's slaves. The note was partially burned sometime between the First Restoration and the Second Restoration, the circumstances of which remain unknown.


Kenen gor

.Kenen gor kreKantinaloTtE b'Sento Ulintav xo D'nE
.Kenen gor kreKantintantE b'Ken Sentomeij

.Kenen gor kregonaTtE b'Ken temaij
.Kenen gor krelEaniTtE b'Ken rUmAij

.Kenen gor kreziTaTtE b'Ken elonij
.Kenen gor krelaTtE b'Ken ziTonij

.Kenen gor kreset b'mala winis
.Kenen gor kre'Est b'Ken noginij

.Kenen gor kreKesotav

.rilboKenet verenij
.rilbotemaet hevtEos

.rilseKEt redelim b'poget set
.rilseKet remIUDtE bUlin set

.botagArEt rU Kenet rilvUhE matanij
.botagamEt rU Kenet rilvUhE atmAij

.Kenen gor


Old Transliteration Standard Revised Transcription Standard New Transliteration Standard

Kehnehn Gor

.kehnehn gor khrehkahntinahlothtee b'shehnto oolintahv tso D'nee
.kehnehn gor khrehkahntintahntee b'kehn shehntomehij

.kehnehn gor khrehgonahthtee b'kehn tehmahij
.kehnehn gor khrehleeahnithtee b'kehn roomaiij

.kehnehn gor khrehzithahthtee b'kehn ehlonij
.kehnehn gor khrehlahthtee b'kehn zithonij

.kehnehn gor khrehseht b'mahlah winis
.kehnehn gor khreh'eest b'kehn noginij

.kehnehn gor khrehkehsotahv

.rilbokehneht vehrehnij
.rilbotehmaheht hehvteeos

.rilsehkeet rehdhehlim b'pogeht seht
.rilsehkeht rehmíoodtee boolin seht

.botahgaireet roo kehneht rilvoohee mahtahnij
.botahgahmeet roo kehneht rilvoohee ahtmaiij

.kehnehn gor

Kenen Gor

.kenen gor khrekahntinahlothtee b'shento oolintahv tso D'nee
.kenen gor khrekahntintahntee b'ken shentomeij

.kenen gor khregonahthtee b'ken temahij
.kenen gor khreleeahnithtee b'ken roomeiij

.kenen gor khrezithahthtee b'ken elonij
.kenen gor khrelahthtee b'ken zithonij

.kenen gor khreset b'mahlah winis
.kenen gor khre'eest b'ken noginij

.kenen gor khrekesotahv

.rilbokenet verenij
.rilbotemahet hevteeos

.rilsekeet redhelim b'poget set
.rilsekeet remaioodtee boolin set

.botahgeyreet roo kenet rilvoohee mahtahnij
.botahgahmeet roo kenet rilvoohee ahtmeiij

.kenen gor

Kenen Gor

.kenen gor xrekantinaloþtí b'šento úlintav co D'ní
.kenen gor xrekantintantí b'ken šentomeij

.kenen gor xregonaþtí b'ken temaij
.kenen gor xrelíaniþtí b'ken rúméij

.kenen gor xreziþaþtí b'ken elonij
.kenen gor xrelaþtí b'ken ziþonij

.kenen gor xreset b'mala winis
.kenen gor xre'íst b'ken noginij

.kenen gor xrekesotav

.rilbokenet verenij
.rilbotemaet hevtíos

.rilsekít reðelim b'poget set
.rilsekít remáúdtí búlin set

.botagérít rú kenet rilvúhí matanij
.botagamít rú kenet rilvúhí atméij

.kenen gor


It Is Time

It is time for the [oppressed (?)] ones to take [control] of D'ni.
It is time for the [oppressors (?)] to be taken from.

It is time for the [poor (?)] ones to be [heard (?)].
It is time for the [upper classes (?)] to be [ignored (?)].

It is time for the lowest ones to be raised.
It is time for the highest ones to be lowered.

It is time for us to come [???].
It is time for them to be [???].

It is time for change.

We will not be pacified.
We will not [hear (?)] their words.

They do not have the [right (?)] to rule us.
They do not have the [means (?)] to [control] us.

They will learn that we cannot be [???].
They will know that we could not be [???].

It is time.