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The following article is written from an In-Cavern (IC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered real.
An image of Keta, a human

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Humans are a sapient species of creatures native to the surface of the Age of Earth, where they exist in large numbers. They, like most ahrotahntee, are physiologically incredibly similar to the D'ni, and are even capable of interspecies reproduction with them, as in the case of Gehn, or Atrus. Humans do not largely possess the ability to write Ages, though a small number of 'explorers' of the dead D'ni City have dedicated themselves to learning the Art, forming the modern Guild of Writers.


Humans had existed on Earth's surface for a significant period of time prior to the D'ni people's arrival there. Humans were not specifically written into the Age by Ri'neref; that said, it is not known whether or not the conditions that he wrote into the Age were intended to promote the development of intelligent life on the surface, or if they were coincidentally the conditions needed for humans to evolve there.

Immediately after the completion of the ventilation shafts connecting the D'ni cavern to the surface in 114 DE (7543–7542 BCE), a small group of D'ni disappeared. It is generally assumed that they went up to the surface of the Earth to live, and would likely have mingled with the humans there.

Given the physical separation of the D'ni and humanity, along with the largely insular and at times xenophobic attitude of the D'ni civilization, they did not attempt to make official contact with hypothetical surface-dwellers until several millenia post-exodus, in 9300s DE (c. 1644–1744 CE), when they decided to construct a route to the surface and make official contact with any intelligent species living there. Construction of Descent was almost finished when Anna, a human, found her way into the tunnels, and the project was temporarily halted as a result. Following Anna's description of humanity to the D'ni Council, it was decided to cancel their endeavors to make contact, and the nearly-complete entrances near the surface were sealed, though Anna was forced to remain in D'ni, under the custody of Kahlis.

During Anna's stay in D'ni, she became close friends with Aitrus, the son of Kahlis, before eventually falling in love with him, and the two birthed a son, Gehn. The family was, however, the target of a great deal of scrutiny and discrimination from a lot of the more xenophobic D'ni, such as Veovis, and this prejudice, through a convoluted series of events, led to A'gaeris and Veovis's revolts and the Fall of D'ni, which killed almost all of the D'ni population.

Centuries later, in 1987 CE, the human John Loftin rediscovered the entrance to Descent that Anna had found. Through a series of expeditions with Elias Zandi, they made their way down through Descent, eventually reaching the D'ni City on their third expedition in 1989. This re-discovery of D'ni by humans would lead to the formation of the D'ni Restoration Council and the attempted restoration of the City and its Ages. Groups of humans have occupied the D'ni city from its public opening in 2003 to the present unofficial restoration, without the involvement of the main body of the DRC.

Humans have also involved themselves in the Bahro Civil War; indeed, the liberation of the Bahro via the completion of the Quest was carried out by Dr. Watson, a human. The explorers of D'ni were a large focus of the Bahro war, with the Bah'ro Nekisahl attacking them indiscriminately in anger over the crimes committed against the Bahro by the D'ni civilization. Wheely Engberg, and perhaps indirectly Rose Taylor, were killed by members of the Bah'ro Nekisahl, and in retaliation Douglas Sharper visited Noloben and killed a Bahro.