Guild of Miners

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Guild of Miners


  • Controlling and overseeing the various mining operations conducted by the D'ni
  • Developing new mining methods and technologies, such as extrusion and Nara

Guild color

 Royal blue

Guild Ages


1124 DE (6533–6532 BCE)

Appears in

The Guild of Miners was one of the eighteen major D'ni Guilds just before the Fall of D'ni. The Guild was in charge of the mining operations that were conducted by the D'ni.

The Guild was founded shortly after or during 1124 DE (6533–6532 BCE) by King Mararon as one of the first minor D'ni Guilds. In 2488 DE (5169–5168 BCE), King Naygen replaced the Guild of Fine Artists with the Guild of Miners as the eighteenth Major Guild.

Known Ages used by the Guild[edit]

Known Members of the Guild[edit]