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This article is about the series of tunnels connecting D'ni and the surface. For the three-mile-long vertical shaft that makes up a part of the tunnels, see Great Shaft.
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Aitrus's map of the tunnels, titled "From D'ni to the Surface" (D'nimeD'nE bretalEo, meD'nee bretahleeo)




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Descent (D'nirelena bretalEo, relenah bretahleeo, meaning 'the journey to the surface') is the name commonly given to the roughly 32-mile-long series of tunnels connecting the D'ni City to the Surface, including the Great Shaft. There are two known entrances from the surface into the tunnels, with one being the path accidentally opened by Atrus in 9425 DE (1769 CE) in the Caldera, and the other being the main entrance, which John Loftin discovered in 1987 CE and entered D'ni from.

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A translated version of Aitrus's map

It was built in the final years of D'ni before its Fall, following a controversial decision by the Council to attempt to make contact with the surface dwellers. The tunnels were almost finished when Anna found her way into them, and as a result of Anna's description of humanity to the Council, it was decided to halt construction. The tunnels near the surface were almost entirely sealed.

It is currently being restored by the explorers Chloe Rhodes, Whilyam, and Emor D'ni Lap.